Firefly Fly Cast Appearances For 2013

Are you having trouble finding other Browncoats in your area to discuss your favorite Firefly quotes, merchandise, and characters with? Do you dream of actually meeting the actors behind the characters as well? Don’t worry I have just the thing; It’s called a convention.

But just what is a convention? You may have heard of science fiction, or fantasy, or anime conventions before, but for those who haven’t let’s start with the history of the convention.

The first science fiction was widely considered to be a gathering of sci-fi fans who went to the house of Milton A. Rothman (who was a co-founder of the Philadelphia science fiction society) to meet science fiction writers David Kyle and Frederik Pohl. Of course, now we have much larger conventions with raves, and costume contests, but at it’s heart, a convention is still just a gathering of fans and creators.

So where are these gathering? Many different places. In the UK, there’s Serenity Forever, “A 10th anniversary celebration of Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar Galactica”.  The convention features guest talks, parties, meet and greets with stars and autograph sessions. Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye), Sean Maher (Simon Tam), Nectar Rose (Lenore; Mr. Universe’s Robot Wife), and others will be in attendance. The convention will take place on September 13th through 15th at The Renaissance Hotel Heathrow. A full weekend is 90 pounds (143 dollars) and a gold level ticket, which allows priority seating, and priority during autographing sessions is 160 pounds (about 250 dollars).

So let’s say you want to meet Jewel Staite, but a flight across the pond is a little out of your budget? Don’t worry, she’s making appearances at the Phoenix Comic Con in Arizona, which also features the cast of Babylon 5, the Ottawa ComicCon for those of you in the great white north, and GalaxyCon in Dusseldorf, Germany. If you want to see some other actors too, don’t worry, other members of the cast will be making their appearances.

Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra) will be a guest at the sci-fi Expo in Irving, Texas, the Portland Comic Con in Portland, Oregon, and the Chicago Comic Con in the windy city itself. Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb) has a single appearance scheduled for this year at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark Sheppard(Badger) will be making about a dozen or so appearances this year, because of his roles in Firefly, Doctor Who, and a lot of other things

The conventions themselves feature various contests, panels, and other such events. They will also feature merchants, and craftsmen selling sci-fi wares of all kinds. What do you like most about conventions? What conventions are in your area? We’d love to know! Leave your answer in the comments section.


  1. RS says:

    Why not Louisiana ? When will any of them come here ?

  2. simon says:

    what about coming to australia too trust me you guys have tons of fans down here too

  3. symphom says:

    Great, thanks for the info, i was just wandering if anyone knew about the panels and conventions scheduled this year for firefly.

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