Firefly Fans, You Might Have Missed These

It has been an eternity since the rowdy and cunning Captain Reynolds and his crew last soared throughout space. Whenever you look around, “Browncoats” are still turning out in hordes during various events, like “Can’t Stop the Serenity.” If you belong to the group or just a newcomer into this wonderful world, there might be some interesting things you have yet to learn about the TV series we all so loved. The following might be some of them.

The Alliance Troopers Suffered Massive Military Budget Cuts

The armor worn by the Alliance troopers was also the same used by Mobile Infantry troopers in the 1997 blockbuster film Starship Troopers. How about that! Well, there was only one modification though, and that was the purple paint job on the armor surface. And after Firefly had its final flight on TV, the armor was again utilized for the 2004 Starship Troopers sequel.

What’s In a Name?

Did you know that the full name of resident pilot “Wash” (Hoban Washburne) was first mentioned when “Serenity” was novelized? The same thing goes to Shepherd Derrial Book, whose Henry Evans name and all his mysterious past was also revealed in the comic book “Serenity: A Shepherd’s Tale.”

Firefly inside the “Castle”

It would seem that Nathan Fillion is keen on bringing the Firefly tradition into his new show “Castle,” especially since numerous Firefly references were recognized on Castle. The best one was Rick Castle dressing up as a space cowboy on a Halloween episode. Others are direct lines, where he said “I was aiming for the head” (boom episode season 2), or recalling the skills he learned on the Firefly set like in the Last Call episode in season 3 where he mentioned that he learned Chinese “during his last job.”

Firefly Meets Star Wars

There were about 14 different cameos where Han Solo (in his carbon-frozen state though) was seen on the Firefly set. The cast and crew always managed to place a Han Solo Carbonite toy on the set. A good example would be the Jaynestown episode where the Han Solo toy is found sitting in the mudder’s bar. The same toy was also found behind Capt. Mal in “Heart of Gold” while cleaning weapons. There was also a scene in “The Message,” particularly in Kaylee’s hammock where the Han Solo toy can be seen.

Getting Inside a Full Scale Serenity Ship

Most of the ship Serenity was built full-scale, though it was split into an upper and lower half. The front and rear corridor, cabin, kitchen, and engine room were cramped together on a particular sound stage. The med bay, hold, passenger and lounge compartments on the other hand were grouped together in another. It was designed and made so comfortable that everyone could easily relax in the lounge in between takes, rather than taking the green room.

And Firefly Is Still Getting Shout-outs to This Day

Back in 2009, a real-time online collaborative editing framework known as “Wave” was released by Google. It was based on the characters of the TV series sending “waves” or “messages to others.” When the popular sci-fi “Fringe” was moved to the “Friday Night Death Slot” timeslot on Fox, they featured an episode named Firefly.

Even “The Big Bang Theory” also made reference on Firefly where the character “Leonard” signed to agree that Friday nights must always be reserved for watching the Firefly series. This was so since the series is supposedly “going to be on forever.”


  1. Lisa says:

    The season premire of AMC’s the Killing .. Jewel Staites character is dating Joel Kinnaman’s character and comments on his “Serenity” chest tatoo..

  2. Alana says:
    RIGHT NOW – saturday 7/20 – they’re showing Serenity with Nathan and Alan making a special appearance. There are still tickets available. I really should have blown off that family reunion. *sniffle*.

  3. Mark Maranta says:

    Ummm… since when was Starship Troopers a ‘blockbuster’?

  4. Dwayne says:

    He says that he learned Chinese from “a TV show he used to watch”. Not from a prev job.

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