Firefly, Facts that you now must know

Hot Rumors

Now there is a rumor that there is an anime version of firefly. I am here to set this straight. There is a similar show called Outlaw Star that has the same concept. They are not the same show. They will be continuing firefly in a comic book form. This is good. They will be working where the show ended off. Wash will still be there. They are taking place before he died. Oh, by the way there is a copy of both the show and the movie on the international space station. Just to let you know. Does anyone know who played Simon as a kid, because if they do not they might want to know that is Zach Ephron. In the show, the body count is 74 people and in the movie, the body count is 77. The actors did not hang out in there dressing rooms they were usually in the set eating in the common room. Serenity was made with only 39 million instead of the original 100 million.

Unfortunately, Fox hit the cancel button on the show after only 11 of the 14 produced episodes aired, and despite promising Whedon five complete seasons. The trouble with the network began early on. Fox execs felt that the original pilot was too dark, too slow burning, and demanded that Whedon write a new pilot or the show would not be picked up. This led to the production of “The Train Job,” an episode packed with more action and a more obvious villain. However, it also meant that the character introductions of the true pilot had to wait and audiences began the show with more to catch up on than they should have. Then they had the audacity to air them out of order. It seems to me that they were trying to get the show canned from the start.

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