Firefly Clue for the Serious Fan

Once a cult classic takes hold, it really takes hold on its fans. USAopoloy released two fully licensed games of Firefly last month. They released Firefly Clue and Firefly Yahtzee. Many times a show may hit the gaming venue and flop very hard, but as popular as Firefly, this release will make great Christmas gifts for the shows fans and collectors. The games are now available for purchase from online retailers. The price range is somewhere between $28 and $42 for the Clue edition. This will make a great gift for those serious fans out there, order early to get your copy in time for Christmas.

Behind the Release

If you have played any of the Clue games, then you know it is a mystery solving game. Clue has several versions of its popular game out on the market. The Waddingtons brought clue into existence; however, Anthony Pratt invented the game. Waddingtons licensed the game to Parker Brothers for sale in the United States in 1949. The premise is simple, solve the mystery of who killed the owner of the mansion, but each version will be different. Each of the players will use dice and pawns to move their characters around the board. They will collect clues and try to solve the mystery. The players move miniature weapon pieces around the board and make suggestions or an accusation based on the information they have acquired. In the Firefly edition, River has been turned over to the Alliance and players have to discover the traitor on the ship.

Keep the Spirit Alive

So Firefly fans, are you ready to keep the spirit alive? This new addition to the merchandising line of Firefly should keep collectors busy for quite a while. Play this game during a marathon or just keep it in the closet. Keep the TV show alive with a game marathon.

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