Feeling Sorry For Brady…

You know, the more I watch the show, the more I really feel for this poor guy.  Over the years, he has fallen for a woman who eventually turned him into a drug addict (Chloe)… Then for a woman who keeps fooling him into believing that she has changed, while using him and then hurting and or dumping him (Nicole) … Then for a woman who was taken from him on the night he was to marry him (Madison) … and now a woman who is only using him to get to his father (Kristen).

When will this poor guy catch a break?  He is one of the hottest men in Salem… He is wealthy, successful, sweet, thoughtful, understanding and did I mention sexy as all get out?  What is WRONG with the women of Salem?  Why can’t this guy have a real relationship with a woman who truly loves him, who won’t leave him, hurt him, use him or die on him?  Do the writers hate Brady that much?

His relationship with his father has been rocky at best over the years… Now that they have him screwing and falling in love with his ex-mother in law (yeah… just saying that makes me puke a little in my mouth, too), it isn’t going to help matters any.  When John catches wind of this… and you KNOW he will… he is going to be so incredibly disappointed in Brady.

I know that Chloe is coming back to Salem, and I for one hope that Brady spends some time with her… because even though he was driven to use drugs when they were together before, I think she might just be his best hope for a honest to goodness relationship with a woman who can love him and will stick by him.

Nicole has too many issues right now to be involved with anyone… but I think she might be getting ready to temp the good Father Eric….  Kristen … well.  I’m not sure what to do with her.  I certainly don’t want her with John… but with her using Brady, I don’t want her with HIM either.

By leaving a guy like Brady without a real love interest, and only giving him women who will use or hurt him, the writers aren’t doing the show any favors.  They are wasting a lot of potential with this actor, and if they aren’t careful, they are going to lose  him.

By Faith Loveright


  1. Fran weaver says:

    great post

  2. Judy Thompson says:

    I feel so bad for Brady. He is always getting played and he is a great guy on Days. You need to find someone who will be real with Brady.

  3. Donna S. says:

    I have been watching “Days” since 1972. I understand that the writers have to keep up with all the crap on the other shows, but the two story lines that I can barely tolerate is Brady/Kristen and Will/Sonny. The writers make it seem like Brady is a brainless idiot and it makes me sick to watch Sonny/Will, who neither one seems to act really gay in my opinion. I stopped watching for two years when Marlena was demon possessed. If I stop watching this time I may finally break a 41 year habit, yes forty-one years. I remember when Roman was Chris the bartender, and Jennifer was born, even when Maggie was in a wheelchair. If I give up watching “Days” that means I’ll only be watching “NBC” for about two hours a week, that will be the best part of quitting.

  4. DEE says:


  5. MARGIE KYSOR says:

    ive watched for ever to ive seen it all just when you think what eles can they do they find a new plot, its a soap. deffinition of a soap is drama, would not be a good soap if everyone goes off happy, now i see rafe sliding back to sami again id love to see them make it but we all know it wont last. as for the gay couple i think it is way over done i dont think either one of those guys is really gay off screen so it dont look real on screen,it looks fake, i might be wrong because i really have never seen a real guy couple, you cant act guy either you are or you are not, so dont care much for them hope it fades out. i think the baby drama will somehow get in the way of there relationship down the road,well time for todays hour love it .

  6. Theresa says:

    Kristen is not his ex mother in law, as Kristen has not got any children…she is actually his adopted cousin as his father is Stephano’s half brother!

  7. Kristen Kiene Sattelberg says:

    What about Brady and Arianna Hernandez?

  8. J Mac says:

    Sorry, I find it hard to feel sorry for Brady. Everyone has given him good solid information about all the women in his life, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. It looks like he’s even immune to the fervent prayers of his strong catholic family.
    Kind of reminds me of the poem “Footprints” – Pay attention Brady, God is carrying you,

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