Fans Love Madea’s Witness Protection!

Madea Witness Protection

Fans Loved This One

It was late one night last summer, and I was winding down after a long day at work. I was flipping through the channels when I came across a movie that grabbed my attention. It was called “Meet the Browns,” and one of the characters in the film was a sassy elderly lady that seemed full of personality and spirit. I was immediately charmed by the movie and the character and went straight to the web to learn more about this character. It was on this night that I met Madea.

I found Madea to be so hilarious that I mentioned the movie the next day at work, and a few of my co-workers knew exactly who I was talking about. One friend said, “If you liked Madea in that movie, then you should see “Diary of a Mad Black Woman!” I went to the video store immediately after work and rented that movie and a couple of others that starred the character, “Madea Goes To Jail” and “Madea’s Family Reunion.” I feel that I am a pretty seasoned moviegoer, but nothing prepared me for these movies. They were absolutely hysterical, but featured some great life lessons that made them touching at the same time. So, in the span of a couple of days, I became a fan of Madea.

Recently, Madea creator Tyler Perry released “Madea’s Witness Protection,” the seventh film with the character. Needless to say, I was at the theater on opening night. This movie had the entire audience in hysterics. I am impressed at how Perry can always deliver a fantastic performance as Madea and direct a good film. He is truly a gifted man.

I went to “Madea’s Witness Protection” with the same friend that recommended “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” and we both agreed that this was the best Madea movie yet. In fact, other people were coming out of the theater calling their friends to tell them to go see this movie. I guess good word of mouth is how these movies got so popular in the first place.

I have read that this is Madea’s most “mainstream” movie, which I guess means that it is geared toward a wider audience than other Madea movies. Personally, I never felt that I was part of the target audience for these movies, but I loved them anyway, so I keep watching them. This movie does have stars such as Eugene Levy that may be more recognizable to wide audiences, but the general spirit of past Madea movies is still with this film. She is still as sassy as ever, and she always takes the time to set somebody straight when they get out of line.

I can’t wait for the next Madea film.


  1. yvonne vargas says:

    i totally agree with this. mr.perry in a true great actor who deserves many many props for his actng!! madea is the best character out there today n yes it is funny as hell but also heart touching. mr tyler i hope you realize just how many people you truly touch with your movies. they are truly good life lessons that all of us have surely went through somtime in our lives and watching the madea movies is a blessing for alot of us. and we LOVE US SOME MORE MADEA MOVIES!!!!!


  3. Linda Sherman says:

    I took my mom to see,”Madea’s Witness Program”. She is a huge fan and so am I. We enjoyed the movie very much. Tyler always delivers, for me, if it’s a Tyler Perry movie, I’m there.

  4. jynelle says:

    There has to be a sequel. We need to know what madea did with the money and everyone must meet joes son

  5. jynelle says:

    Must see again



  7. carol says:

    well,well well, what can i not say about tyler perry (nothing) everything he touches turns to gold! this man i love everything he does, his tv shows, his movies, his plays, this man has something for everyone, no matter what race, color,with the work he does, i love the ending ,he has something to say and everyone listerns because he is talking about someone in our lives, we have not talked too. don’t have anything to say to them. when it is all said and done, u leave what you saw and heard and if that person is still alive, u call them and talk it out. it could have been 10 years or more or a few days or months. but talk becuse as tyler says, its the only family you have ,so deal or let it go. don’t leave this world and not say “im sorry forgive me for whatever i said or done.GOD BLESS you tyler perry keep doing what you do best, making us LAUGH, LIVE, ANDLOVE LIFE !!

  8. Carolyn says:

    Tyler Perry, everything he plays is a hit in my book. He is like a pitbull,when he takes on a roll he sinks in his teeth and becomes that character. I love him as Madea ( can not get enough) but he has so much more to give.

  9. Cindy I. Philemon says:

    Madeas Witness Protection was off the chain!!!! Even down to the part she got her cut in. That was smart because she put her life on the line to do the right thing for those who lost their life savings in the scam. The plot in this movie was fantastic! She keeps her feelings real. You really have to be a character yourself to be able to handle Madeas funny comments or smart remarks.

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