Explosive Turns on the Young and the Restless

Y&r fans

“Y&R Fans”

I admit, I am quite the soap fan, but yes, I am not the biggest fan of Young and the Restless. Let’s just say that the letters Y and R do not elicit that much excitement in me as the word ’Days’ or the letters ‘G’ and ‘H’. But then, my mom told me about the explosions.

Now, I have to say that among the most common soap opera storyline twists, explosions are my thing. Amnesia, child switching, abductions, remarriages, takedowns are fine with me, but explosions are a whole new level that just spikes my interest. Why, explosions can and usually cause all those other twists, especially amnesia. Besides, explosions are always indicative of a renewal of characters, which often mean the hatching of brand new schemes to take down the planner of the explosion by the person who was supposed to be the intended victim of the explosion.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have not been following Y&R for years, so I have to get the recent history from mom, who has Y&R as her cup of tea. So, apparently, everybody is still out to get Victor Newman, the grand patriarch of the Newman family and front and center character of the show for years (that I know). So, last month, Victor was horseback riding with his current wife, Sharon, when he suddenly went missing. He was rescued by Sister Celeste and nursed him back to health as he slowly recovered his lost memory (yes, amnesia) as well. He then helped a group of port workers stand up against management to reclaim their rights. Apparently, the management of the docks may have started getting cross at him, because when he was about to return to Genoa City, there was an explosion at a warehouse he was in. Yes, after a bout of amnesia, Victor Newman is now a dead man, or so people thought.

The wife, Sharon, identified his body and staged an impromptu funeral, ‘allowing’ her as a widow to marry Tucker McCall, Victor’s nemesis to whom she has started an affair while Victor went missing (but of course, they’ve had a long history before that).  Victor is alive, and now is reunited with Nikki, his second wife, to take down Sharon and Tucker, who has successfully gained control of Newman Enterprises.

The takedown of the current power couple may not be easy for Victor and Nikki especially that the angle of Tucker-Genevieve will not be feasible anymore, as recent news revealed that Marcy Rylan, the Emmy-award winning actress playing Abby Newman, has been cut from the show. This means that Nikki and Victor’s comeback as Genoa City’s power couple might take some time, with the show’s writer’s having to stretch their imagination. Until then, I could only hope for more explosions to factor in on Nikki and Victor’s plans.


  1. Dina says:

    Marcy Rylan played Abby, not Genevieve! Genevieve has been played by Genie Francis.

  2. Keith says:

    you got the actress playing Genevieve wrong its not Marcy Rylan. It’s Genie Francis, Marcy is Abby Newman.

  3. Cathy Shelby says:

    Genevive is not played by who you said. She is played by Geenie Francis

  4. ellen says:

    so glad sharon got day … No more controling of newmans..

  5. Virginia Fornwalt says:

    I have watched Y&R from day one. Enough is enough, let Victor & Nikki marry, stay married until one of them dies (for real). I love Adam being good, having a wife and let the baby be born and live. I know you would like to turn him into the old Adam, let him cheet and have the baby and it be still born. (we all know where this will be heading with your writers) We can’t ask enough that you keep Billy on the show he is a powerful draw) and for heavens sake, let Victoria and Billy be happy. Get Pauls’ charges be dropped and let him marry Nina. You have enough unhappy people on the show for great story lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shirley Reagan says:

      I agree. Please don’t get rid of Adam or Billy they are both great and make the show. I also like Adam as the nice guy. Please do not bring Shelia back. I am so sick of people on that show dying and coming back. We seen anough of Shelia.

      • Marty says:

        NOOO more Sheila!!! She has been “Killed” at least two times! One too many.

        • Rosey says:

          Something tells me as long as Kimberlin is available the show will continue shaking that tree. What a big hot mess! No more Sheila!

          and please, writers, leave BILLY AND ADAM on the show! a loss of either of these fine actors/characters would be detremental to the show in more ways than one. Rant over. :)

        • Jason Ford says:

          I’m a big Y&R fan but if they bring Shelia back i’m done.

      • audie says:

        i agree no more Sheila.. I also like Adam as a nice guy.And Billy is great with Victoria, both keep the show moving… I also love Nick, whoever he is with love the new hair….

    • linda says:

      I totally agree.let Adam be good.keep billy.kill off Sharon so sick of her.keep carmine and bring back drucilla and let her throw a monkey wrench in Neil and harmonys boring romance.

    • Christine says:

      AMEN to that! I love the chemistry between Victoria and Billy!! They may have some trouble over Billy’s last lies, but let their marriage and love for one another withstand this test. That would be a nice change of pace. And I do thnk you need to let the story of Nicky and Victor die a natural death. It is really getting old seeing them breakup over stupid things and then get back together. Let them stay married and grow old together! It is time. Jack needs to get a life and stop the focus on Victor!!!! Whew! That is old school. Now that he can walk again(?), he needs to find some peace and develop his own life and family. Let them compete with their businesses again.

    • T Dalton says:

      I agree Paul needs to be cleared…it is just not right to keep a good guy hanging like this. I also like the idea that Adam can change…let him continue to be a good guy. Let he and Chelsea show that people can change and let them be happy. It is time for Sharon and Tucker to get what they deserve. I am not a fan of the Cain family storyline….can’t wait to find the Yolanda and Sarge connection. I love Y and R….been a fan from the beginning

    • Myra Robinson says:

      yes,let Victoria and Billy stay together. Y&R needs to make Billy and Victor get along. Victor has also done his share of stupid things just like he accuses Billy of. lets see how nice it would be for Victor and Billy to get a long for a change.Victoria hated her father for awhile and was on Billy’ side,but now she is not. that was because of the lady who entered the picture. she told Billy not to let anyone know Victor had amnesia. you cannot fool with amnesia.

  6. Sharon M. Rybak says:

    You do a gr8 job in tryin’ to make us think that we’re idiots!! Jack goes from a wheechair to a cane, not even crutches, in one fell swoop! You age their children by decades, and the writing is outrageous, with conflicts of interests amongst lawyers!
    Is this really necessary? It was so much better before Wm. Bell passed away, something should be done, and why are you getting rid of the older actors/actresses ……….do you honestly feel that the young ppl are really the audience that is going to better your results??

  7. Toni says:

    So glad the incestuous relationship between Victor and Sharon is over. It was too icky to watch. In the meantime, now that Victor knows he’s rich and powerful, will be still help the dockworkers?

  8. DVHargrave says:

    Marcy Rylan, Genie Francis, are Both out at Y&R !

    • Shirley says:

      Heard that the new Heather is leaving too. Crazy

    • Rosey says:

      Genie Francis? that stinks, I have really warmed up to this character. She has that class factor that makes her prime GC material. Did you really mean that Marcy Rylan is leaving? are you sure?

      If yes then my gosh, there is a soap God listening to my prayers! that character grates on my nerves so bad. Not just the Abby character either, the spoiled little Lizzie Spaulding was horrific.

      MR certainly has the spoiled little rich girl act down. I have just grown severely tired of it to the point I fast forward through her parts unless I think they are of importance.

  9. Trisha says:

    So, Christel gets to stay and now Marcy is leaving? At least Genie can go back to GH. Quit taking people off the darn show, just give them decent story lines. and for crying out loud, let Victor be good to Nikki for once… for a few days at least! Dedicate a month where all the super couples STAY super couples and let the rest go crazy! lol

    • Lynn says:

      Yes. Please. I would LOVE for Victor and his ’2nd’ wife Niki (and 3rd and 4th and 5th and . . ) to remarry and STAY married. Thanks.

  10. can’t believe that Marcy is being cut…she is fabulous in her role…..for pete’s sake and now Genie and the Landon girl…….no way……they are making major mistakes. I will have to say that I have NOT missed Ashely at all…….

  11. Kiley says:

    I think Sharon and Adam need to get back together! The newmans deserved everything Sharon did to them. They always treated her like crap.

  12. Kelly says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R since the beginning and have seen just about every show. Keep Victor and Nikki together, also Billy and Victoria and let Adam be happy!! So tired of Sharon, she needs to go, not Abby. I’m hoping Sheila doesn’t come back, old news. I also would like to see Nick and Phyllis happy. Tired of seeing everyone in happy relationships go bad!! Come on Y&R… what is going on??!! Don’t get rid of the older actors, do you really think that is going to make a difference?? I’m sure there are a lot more faithful fans that have been watching for years than the younger audience you think will start watching. I love this show and would hate to see it end because of more bad writing.

    • Rosey says:

      honestly, if the writers listened to the viewers too much they lose the stuff that makes the ‘magic’. Constructive criticism is usually always helpful but without that ‘magic’ the show becomes just another cookie cutter program with little or no personality.

      Look at ATWT and GL. The directors/staff started courting the viewers and implementing the opinions of the fans into the shows. Now, those shows are dead because they lost their edge.

      The fans should instead keep watching and remember…without a plot there is no story. Without a story there would be no show. You just gotta tune in each day and watch how the stories unfold.

  13. Debbie Johnson says:

    Just started watching the show when all my children went off. And now i’m hooked :) Love the show.

  14. Christine says:

    I agree with many of the above posts about Sheila, and all the turmoil that exists in some of these families. Give it a rest! And the way the kids aged overnight was ridiculous! Do you think we are really stupid? Even you are tired of the old story lines so you give the kids a dose of “fast grow” and then try to develop new story lines around them. The writers do need to get their act together!! Let Adam be happy in this marriage. I like the new Adam and it is time for him to become a Newman in a relationship with his half brother and sister. What a story line that could turn out to be! The younger Newman’s taking over the patriarch’s position as the leader of Newman!! As for Tucker and Sharon??? Yuck! I also want Phyllis and Nick to be happy and raise their daughter! Where is Chance? What is going to happen to Paul? There could be several characters on this show that are in free fall.

  15. T Dalton says:

    I love Y&R. I record it and watch sometimes more than once to make sure I don’t miss anything. There are some things I love about the show…Billy and Victoria…please leave them alone and let them be happy. Adam and Chelsea have turned their lives around love the direction they are going. Get Paul cleared soon that has gone on long enough. It is time for Tucker and Sharon to get what is coming to them. Love Ronan and want him to stay around. I can’t believe you would get rid of Abby…she brings a new type of character to the show! Don’t love the Cain family drama but love Cain and his family. Want to know more about Sarge and Yolanda…..

  16. lisa stenta says:

    I really like Genie Francis, I hope she dosen’t leave the show. I like the Adam and chelsey story line too, they make a good couple. I like all the characters and don’t want to see any of them leave. I liked Ashley too. I like Ronan too and would like to see something happen between him and Phyllis, there is good chemistry there. Hot, Hot, Hot. Love to see it. I hope the new Heather is not leaving I like her and the storyline with Daniel. I love Y& R they are like my family. I have been watching off and on since I was little with my grandmother. Keep it going .

    • Janet Willis says:

      I love Y&R and have been watching since day 1. I love the direction the show has been going except I thought Abby bought all the shares so that she could help save the company for Victor. What happened? I also love Adam being good, and love him and Chelsey together. I also Like Ronan and Phyllis together, They do have alot of chemistry together. Poor Billy, I was hopefull that he would finally be able to get Victors approval and fit into the family. Keep up the good work

  17. Iva Rahlf says:

    PLEASE keep Billy. I like Adam being good. TIRED of Sharon. Paul MUST be cleared. NO MORE SHEILA! Hope Ashley comes back soon.

  18. Deborah Smith says:

    NO MORE SHIELA!!!!!! And Nikki was Victor’s First wife and second and fourth and and and so forth and so on

  19. Paula says:

    I agree with the above…LOVE Billy. LOVE Adam being good. A bit tired of Sharon. Paul MUST be cleared. NO MORE SHEILA!”

    Though, I’m a bit tired of Sharon, she needs to be a power woman and needs a great love to form a power couple. Really, it’s Nikki and Victor that I’m really tired of.

    I love Cain and Lilly, but also agree that they are SO boring. Make them LUST after eachother and show that incredible love they have!!! They never had that great beginning with lots of sex and lust like Nick & Phyllis. ;)

    • Elma says:

      If Adam is so obsessed with helping Sharon get out of the mess she created herself, he should just leave his wife and hook up with Sharon again, they deserve each other. What happened to the shares that Abby bought? Surely that should be enough to get Newman back again from Jack’s greedy little claws? I have always loved Victor, he is a strong businessman who knows what to do to stay on top.

  20. Myra says:

    Adam is the ONLY reason I still watch this show. The Newmans treated him like crap from the beginning. Nick and Victoria are just jealous because he is victor Newman, jr. He is educated (Harvard) while neither of them even went to college, just had everything handed to them by victor. I LOVE ADAM!!!!

  21. Gypsy loves Y&R! says:

    BRING SHEILA BACK!!! It will make things more interesting, and plus like you said, explosions are wonderful!! LOL!!

  22. Tanya says:

    Ok, Victor and Nikki will remain the same. Billy will get Victoria back. Cain an Lilly need to step it up or get cut. Sharon, straight to the crazy house! Tucker, good-bye! Harmony and Neil boring! St and Harmony will turn out to be Anna’s parents.(of course it’s a continuation of all my children) Adam will be Adam. And Nick and phillyis will get back together because they are the new Miami and Victor. The sister needs to stay loyal to her sister and summer needs a spanking! That’s all for now, i will be back! Lol!!!

  23. i love Nick and Phyllis together an think Sharon has run her course lock the B up… I dont agree with the whole Nick being with Physllis’s sister that is just wrong on so many levels….And Go VICTOR… Also I love the character of Adam he has come a long wayyyy!!!

  24. I love Billy and Victoria, let them keep the real love that have for each other last a life time as a normal family should be in real life. Let Victoria have Billy’s baby and fulfill her perfect marriage….The baby that Ashley lost, I wish she didn’t die and the Doctor took her to a hospital and was saved, and adopted by a well known Doctor that fall in love with the baby girl.etc.. Let Jack meet and fall in love with this new doctor, and race his nice like is his own child, Let Jack have a real family for once..

  25. marilyn says:

    The writers can make us love or hate a character.
    Paul needs a new, exciting woman in his life and that is in no way Nina (nor Christine)
    Phyliss? It’s the same old garbage and shenanigans with her over and over..she has become boring and annoying.
    Avery needs a good man too, just not so sure it’s Nick
    Summer? Strike two…the teens on the show in the past were far better than the present ones.
    Eden also needs a good story to keep her on the show.
    Kevin is becoming annoying and a jerk in general.
    I liked Chloe and Ronan together.
    I still like Sharon, she should’nt go just because she’s been given some bad storylines.
    Love Adam…good or bad!

  26. Kim says:

    Love Adam good&bad, one time he told Nick all he had was “some community college classes” he shouldn’t be running a company-LOL! I’m so sick of that whore Neil, he is always acting so judgmental while he sleeps with his brother fiancée and has a baby then dumps her, he’s a jerk. And please keep Victor & Nicky together, one second she doesn’t like that he is ruthless, except when he needs to call his goons for her daughter. And keep Billy, him and Adam are not scared of Victor….if that’s really Victor-lol. Summer does need a spanking and Finn has no lips…needs to be replaced. Love the guy from Lincoln Heights as Nick and Sharon’s son too.

  27. I have been a faithful watcher since 1970, This has been the most interesting Soap. With alot alot of Drama, But when Victor Newman came on the show, It was going to be interesting to have a good looking young actor on the young and the restless. He is the greatest actor , He is the best and what he has gone thru is really remarkable that he is still acting. I really don’t think he needs to quit or retire from the show he makes the show . He is the back bone of the show and has gone along ways. If you take him off I pretty sure no one will be watching the show and the soap will be taken off the daytime soaps like the other ones that has gone under. I REALLY think that Victor should stay, Especailly when the ranch caught on fire that is really exploy. He is a great man that has been thru alot. Really makes the show. With Victor, Katherine, and Nicki they are the most important actor and actress to the show. What really makes me up set is that the soaps wants to put younger or go to the young kids that has grown up, Then get rid of the most important actors. So Please keep the middle age actors and actress on. The young ones will have there turn when they grow more older. So Please keep the great actors on. SO NO for Victor to think of leaving the show, Thanks..

  28. m dee doubleyoo says:

    I love Y&R, watch it faithfully everyday and always will! Love the plors and the drama!!!! Keep it on forever!!!

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