Elvis: The Comeback King

The world has seen many musical artist making comebacks after being on hiatus over a period of time. Some singers take sabbaticals to focus on their families (example, Beyonce), some to cope with personal issues (example, Mariah Carey), and some just to shake things up a little and re-invent themselves (in the cases of Britney Spears and the ever-evolving Madonna).

A good number of them do come back roaring and surpassing their past successes, like in the case of Britney, who came back from giving herself a haircut to achieving multi-million sales with her last albums.

Mariah Carey had to contend herself with a moderate success (her Charmbracelet album) before scoring a big one with songs from her The Emancipation of Mimi album.

Some comeback acts do not seem to catch on as expected. For example, the band No Doubt, which had a stellar run in the early to mid-2000s, only to have a lukewarm comeback in 2012.

In the case of The King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, a comeback was in order after what seemed to be a great, but artistically unfulfilling run in the movies. Starting in 1960, Elvis churned out a string of successes in the box office, which obviously worked wonders for his acting career, but also did not do any favors to his musical career, especially after his only studio album during those years, Pot Luck, did not match the performance of his hits in the later 1950s.

So, when he finally re-channelled his efforts in music, there was a lot of hype surrounding it. There was even not just one, but two grand TV specials on his return to the music world, one in 1968, and the other in 1973. Suffice to say that even if those two comebacks were marred by other issues (his unravelling marriage and deteriorating health), it cannot be denied that the two comebacks were both unqualified successes.

He spawned more hits during those two comebacks and the time period in between, like In the Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, Burning Love, and The Wonder of You.

But more than those hits are overlooked gems that the public overlooked because of the larger issues that grabbed the public’s attention. Here are a couple of those songs that definitely merit more attention:

Always on My Mind

Elvis recorded the song only weeks after his February 1972 separation from wife Priscilla. Have a listen to it now and one could still hear a distinct sadness and emotion in his voice. Ten years later, folk country star Willie Nelson recorded the song, and became a Top 10 song for him.

You Gave Me a Mountain

This song was released in 1973, in time for his Aloha from Hawaii comeback album. The live version is really something to listen to, as it shows the power of strength of his voice. Pay close attention to the chorus, as the power of Elvis’ voice, usually known to be smooth, shines through.

Truly, if anyone would pull a successful comeback, that’s Elvis! Not only did he bounce back with several more hit albums and singles, he also had a few more gems that only real fans and lovers of good music could fall back on.

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