Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll

Most of the kids today have a hard time understanding exactly why Elvis Presley is considered to be one of the best musicians of all time. That’s not really surprising since most of them woke up to the music of the younger artists today. One look at YouTube videos of Elvis Presley’s past performances, however, should make it easier for teens to understand exactly why the modern world still sees Presley as a musical icon. The man’s face, voice, charm and dancing moves have invariably endeared him to the masses and justify the fact that he is one of the most mimicked stars even today.

Life and Childhood

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi. He actually had a twin brother who was stillborn, leaving him an only child since his parents didn’t have any more children. Presley got married in 1967 to Priscilla Beaulieu and has an only child, Lisa Marie Presley born in 1968. Fun fact: Elvis served in the US Army despite his being of celebrity status.

Music and Performance

The musical influences of the King of Rock and Roll came from different sources including what was considered country and pop music during his younger years. He was also influenced by the black Rhythm and Blues as well as gospel which he listened to in church.

Elvis wasn’t just about the music, though as most people can see in various videos online. A true performer, Elvis combined his songs with dance moves that were designed to keep the public’s attention. In fact, he was given the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” because of his dance moves mostly centered along the pelvic region. It’s safe to say that his swinging hip movements have been his signature in the same way that the moonwalk is for Michael Jackson. Fun fact: back in 50’s, the swiveling dance move of Elvis was actually considered vulgar by the church and parents.

Television and Film Appearances

During his time, Elvis was definitely one of the most sought after stars. Aside from his musical performance, the King also starred in 33 films, all of them a rousing success. He was a popular attraction on TV and performed live in Las Vegas and various other locations. A gold, platinum and multi-platinum awardee – Elvis managed to sell more than a billion copies of his albums globally. This is really interesting information considering how all of his concerts – bar two in Canada – have been performed within the United States.

Awards and Recognitions

Elvis earned numerous awards during his lifetime including 14 Grammy nominations, 3 of which he won from the Nat’l Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He was also named as one of the nation’s Ten Outstanding Young Men in 1970, and got a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award when he was just 36.

Rise to Stardom

Elvis rose to fame in 1956 but began his singing career just two years earlier. He first signed up with Sun Records before being sold to RCA Vicor in 1955. It’s really hard to pinpoint the reason why Elvis became such a huge singing sensation during his time. Perhaps it’s the charisma, the undeniable good looks or his ability to blend in different musical influences that appealed to millions of people all over the world. Elvis is undoubtedly a musical icon and remains a popular figure in modern culture even after his death in 1977.


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  2. D. Harris says:

    I know enough about him to know , He did not like being called :The King”, He stated there was only ONE KING, GOD. He hated being referred to as PELVIS, in my 56yrs since I first saw his face I have tried to not only learn about His music, moves, life style, and the ABSOLUTELY MOST HANDSOME MAN THAT WILL EVER WALK GOD”S but EARTH , but also his generosity, respect for others, help he gave to anyone that needed it and EVERYONE that has ever been in my house or mentioned him in front of me MUST learn, and listen to what I do know and never make the mistake of making an insulting statement a videosbout him. I make sure EVERY child ever to meet me sees his movies-videos and listens to him sing. They know when they leave WHO it was that kicked the doors open for all the other entertainers. ELVIS WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST THAT EVER WAS- IS- OR WILL BE—

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