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The King was a very popular, well-loved artist who left us much too soon.  He is probably best remembered for his many hit songs, but he also was featured in over 30 movies made successful by his fans.  In fact, a producer was known to say that an Elvis Presley film was “the only sure thing in Hollywood”.

. The first movie for Elvis was “Love Me Tender” in 1956.  This was the only movie in which he didn’t have a starring role although he did receive top billing.  It was also the only film in which his character was killed on screen.  Elvis played a somewhat dramatic role as Clint Reno a jealous husband.  However, he also sang several songs in the film including the hit song “Love Me Tender.  This movie was so popular with the teenage set that the box office did two weeks revenue in just one week.

“King Creole” in 1958 was the fourth movie for Elvis.  This was a story set in New Orleans about an angry young man.  Elvis was a nightclub singer trying to rid himself of a New Orleans crime boss.  Additionally, he was trying to decide between two women, one a decent girl and one a moll. The movie was full of color

And action and had many twists and turns.  Even the outcome was unexpected.  This movie won Elvis his best review as an actor.  It was the last film Elvis made before going into the Army.  It was also said to be his favorite of the films he made.

In 1964 Elvis teamed up with Ann-Margaret for the light hearted “Viva Las Vegas”.  This was an energetic film with lots of singing and dancing and an exciting road race.  Elvis played a racecar driver attempting to get ready for the Grand Prix. He meets up with Ann-Margaret and the chemistry starts to sizzle.  “Viva Las Vegas” was Elvis’ most successful film at the box-office.  He and Ann-Margaret were thought to have started an off-screen affair at the time.

Elvis wanted to act in dramatic roles in movies but this was not to be.  Instead he was featured in movies where his singing talents and not necessarily his acting talents could be showcased.  His films were successful at the box office.  Back in the early days the movie screen was the only way his fans had to see their idol perform.  Although at the time of their release many of the Elvis movies received mixed reviews, over the years they have come to be viewed in a more favorable light by the critics.  Some have even been labeled iconic.

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  1. love you and miss you

  2. we love your music thank you for marring my Best friend,and we wish her family had been there. Send us on a trap 2days 3 nights or longer LOL

  3. Elvis was always busy making appearances at Local charities in Memphis and also encouraging young people to aspire at being what ever they wanted to be!and to never loose their Dreams of becoming what ever you want to be!and To!always look to GOD for every need that you may have as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Denise

    • CANDY MCNEASE says:

      Hi denise,

      too bad MORE isn’t said about Elvis’ generosity and kindness, loyalty and common consideration for others instead of his appearance and site of his death….makes me sick. He was sick….emotionally and physically…..yet he still kept trying to get on with it…..

  4. Judy says:

    Love Elvis to this day. He really was a special person.

  5. Maria Dulce says:

    Todas as vezes fico emocionada quando vejo Elvis cantar e dançar foi o meu ídolo na juventude. Ouvi e assisti todos seu filmes e dancei suas músicas.Seguia tudo sobre sua vida e sobre as músicas. Foi uma perda irreparável.Devia estar aqui entre nós.


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