EJ… A Changed Man?

When EJ first came to town, he was a race car driver who was all about romancing the woman he liked… until someone decided to make him a Dimera.  Then all of the sudden, he was hateful, vengeful, maniacal, suave, and bordering on evil.  Over the years, he has done a lot of things against people in town… most of the time, in response to being hurt by them first… But I think that EJ has been greatly misunderstood… He has never really been “evil” per say… just a family man who wanted to please his father.

An argument can be made that this is an admirable thing for him to want to do… even if people did get hurt in his effort to make his father proud.  Then there was that bogus storyline where EJ didn’t think he was a Dimera anymore… and Stephano turned his back on his son… EJ got a glimpse of what his father is really like, and decided he wanted nothing more to do with the man… Even after he found out that he really is his father; still EJ wanted to be his own man.

Yes… he is listening to his sister, who was brought back by Stephano… But it’s mainly because deep in his heart, he has never stopped loving Sami; and like it or not, his sister has a lot of history of learning what not to do in a relationship… EJ is showing Sami that unlike everyone else in her life, he won’t ask her to choose between him and his enemies, in order to still be in his life.

I don’t really like dark EJ… but I hated the whipped pansy EJ that Nicole and Taylor both turned him into even more… I happen to love grey EJ… a little bit dark, but with a softer side.  Unafraid to show his love for his family, yet still willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family as just that… Family meaning Sami and the kids.  He also loves Ali as if she were his, and embraces her as such… and has friended Will as well.

Lucas on the other hand has made no secret of the fact that he could care less about separating Ali from Johnny; even if it might hurt his daughter… because he is too selfish to accept another man’s child as his own.

When you get down to it; EJ has proved … at least to this viewer… that he is the better man.  If it means I get grey EJ… I don’t want him to change… just like he doesn’t want Sami to change for him.

If Rafe is so “perfect” he can go be with someone who is just as perfect for him…. Samantha Gene is not that.  She is a woman who has schemed, lied, cheated, and done whatever it takes to get what she wants in life… just like EJ has.

This viewer wants EJAMI… two people so alike, there could be no better match for either.

By Faith Loveright


  1. Liza says:

    What a beautifully written and oh so true column! I agree with every word you said. That is why the story between Sami and EJ has been so frustrating over the years. The writers have changed both EJ and Sami’s character to suit storylines over the years that is was quite unenjoyable to watch. I don’t want to see pansy EJ or evil EJ…..I don’t want to see 15 year old school girl Sami or let everyone in the world walk all over me Sami. I want to see the characters I fell in love with many years ago…….together doing what they do best. If they are written in character it would only be natural for their story to turn into a love story. This is why it has not only been so unbelievable that they have been written the way they were it is also has been extremely insulting. What I have witnessed with the complete character destruction of my two favorite characters over the years has infuriated me and I am not happy about it.

    Has EJ changed? I don’t think so, I think he was written as unfamiliar and so I choose to forget that the EJ that I didn’t even recognize ever even existed. Regardless, I do think he was always the same man just written badly so therefore why would I want him to change if his true character (that I originally fell in love with) is being written now? A man whose family comes first and he would protect them in any way he feels he has to, a man who loves Sami Brady heart and soul, a man whose not afraid to go a little dark to protect himself or those he loves. This is the character I am familiar with and the one I want to continue to see. I don’t want him to change I just want the writers to write him properly.

  2. Sheree says:

    Hi honestly i want to marry this article! This is exactly how i have always seen this complex grey character yes hes ruthless and can be a prick but hes fiercly loyal and loves hard! Just like Sami together this could be the making of a great lovestory where they dont have to change but evolve together!
    Thank you for writing your thoughts its really nice to know that others appreciate this modern grey fairytale and love EJ and all his 50 shades of grey!

    • wendy macleod says:

      Great article! I couldnt agree more. I think that EJ and Sami would be fab together…it could be epic like Marlenna and John

  3. Kiren says:

    Every thought I’ve been thinking about EJami lately in a more eloquent speech, great article.

  4. myendlessloveejami says:

    Thank YOU..for expressing How I have always felt about EJ..I love EJ who although did Grey things AFTER the reveal from Wells to Dimera all this proved was a battle to please a father who always had an Agenda or allow himself to love and find balance with his mirro image Samantha Brady. I LOATHED what they did to this Character in 2009-2010..They destroyed his substance and all we got was EVIL..I too dislike it when EJ IS REFERED TO AS DARK..IMO he is Grey..with redeemable and Loving qualities.

    Also EJAMI took me on a Journey..Like no other Soap cover..I need a Happy Ending for a while.

  5. Rose Garden says:

    Loved the blog straight forward and to the point. I love the character growth of EJ. He came to town on his father’s orders to do what his father wanted. He did not want any serious but that all changed once he saw Samantha. He fell in love hard and he wanted it all family, marriage, and children. EJ has opened his heart and chosen to be a better man for his family. He deserves to have his own family without someone always trying to take it away from him all the time.

    You have sum up what every EJAMI fan has been saying for years now. We love watching grey EJAMI it helps keep thing interesting for EJ and Sami it keep its believable not all this Rafe is perfect and right crap because he is not even close. I love see EJ grow as a character as well as Sami. EJ and Sami growing as characters and a couple together is so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how EJAMI finally comes together as a real solid family.

  6. lilspoiler2 says:

    What an absolute crock!
    So EJ was never evil? I guess not.
    Was not evil of him to shot John Black, & steal his kidney. Was not evil at all to beat Patrick to a pulp and kill Eve Michaels.
    Was not evil at all to engage in all the nefarious Black Hand deeds, including switching eggs/sperm for the in vitro proceedures on Belle & Mimi
    Definitely not evil to have caused Patch Johnson to lose his memory and give him electric shock treatments, , and then have a hold on him via the tarot card
    And who would think it evil to inject a pregnant, hospitalized woman with a drug, telling her it will kill her baby?
    And of course it was not evil at all to have raped Sami, kidnapped Sydney, pretended she was murdered, complete with bloody clothes.
    And of course was not evil, just some fun when he pretended to perhaps be deported to deceive Sami into staying with him.
    And then of course to conspire to kidnap Sami’s husband, put a clone in her bed to rape her over and over, laugh about it, terrify the children, and eventually have that clone kill a woman.
    And then of course wanting his beloved son, who was stricken with eye cancer and about to lose it, to be told his mother no longer loved him. Definitely not evil at all.
    Nope, not evil at all. Just a tiny bit grey.
    In fact one can see the glimmer of the halo over EJ’s head.

    • Mary says:

      Pretending to be deported wasn’t evil and all Sami had to say was no, shake his hand and drive him to the airport. But she chose to help him when she didn’t have to.

      Yep, EJ’s done some horrific things, OTOH, so has Sami, but for some strange reason all that seems to get swept away, no longer matter because she was with Rafe. Rafe, who is supposed to be the honorable one, the one who turned his head and looked the other way when she attempted to commit murder and allowed her family to risk their reputations and their freedom for the crime she committed. She was also committing assault and battery on those who was trying to get the truth out.

      Sami who hid her daughter because she was jealous that Nicole was pregnant until she died and then used her death as a weapon to bludgeon EJ with. One who told Johnny she didn’t love him simply so Rafe could get a job.

      So bash EJ all you want, just remember Sami’s his ying and she’s his yang. Together they’ve commited no crimes. They’ve done nothing evil. It’s only when they’re apart and they’re striking back do they hurt each other.

  7. Mary Ann Burns says:

    A lot of what this person said was true but you can tell she just loves EJ. I think Rafe and Sami are perfect. I think Sami has been evil long enough, its time to grow up and have a great life with Rafe and the kids. I truly think EJ and Nicole would be perfect together. They could have their own baby and love all the kids but still have the evil side everyone seems to want them
    or EJ to have.

  8. Mary Ann Burns says:

    I forgot to say I do like EJ and Rafe both .But in the story line I think would be best for their personality . I guess everyone thinks their idea’s are the right one for the ones they like best. I do love the show , I have watched it forever.

  9. mercedes vettese says:

    Truer word have never been more adequately put on the subject of “Ejami “.They are alike , Samantha Jean has done some pretty heinous acts in her life time , something she has in common with Ej , and like Ej I’ve seen the good side if this impetuous woman and that idomitable Brady spirit , with the love and concern and caring she demonstrates with all her children.There is true kindness and generosity in both Ej and Sami .Unlike many suitors husbands and lovers Sami has had , it is Ej that loves her and has always accepted her the way she is. Waiting for Ejami to begin !!!!

  10. Alma C says:

    I agree with the article. Sorry that it might not be the most popular way of thinking. Rafe is a hipocrite and unethical, self- righteous, annoying smug liar that covers for his family when they commit crimes- Sami and Gabi oh and almost forgot Nicole (whom he never cared for to begin with) and himself. Obviously any Dimera deserves what he/she gets? Atleast that is how all of Salem feels but everyone else gets a pass…

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