Earl Hamner Storyteller

This year will see the release of the Earl Hamner Storyteller documentary, a film about the creator of The Waltons. As he said, a good storyteller will always be able to handle any kind of group and tell all kinds of stories – but this will be his story, told from the perspective of all the actors and filmmakers he has worked with, told from the perspective of other people than him.

Earl Hamner is now 91 years old. But in this documentary he will take the viewer on the memory lane, to his childhood home in Schuyler, Virginia, to the Baptist Church he went to as a child, and to several special places (such as one of the fishing holes he went to).

The documentary is directed by Ray Castro Jr., who has known Earl Hamner for more than 20 years, since 1992, when the Walton’s Mountain Museum in Schuyler first opened. The idea of a documentary came last year, in 2013, when The Waltons were celebrated at Good Morning America.

It was then when Ray saw Earl way back, without even being mentioned – even if he played the most important part in creating the series. Seeing this, he thought that the best idea would be to honor him – and thus the production of Earl Hamner Storyteller begun.

Of course, as said, the documentary will also include interviews with The Waltons cast, including in here Richard Thomas, Judy Norton, Michael Learned, Mary McDonough, Eric Scott and Ronnie Claire Edwards.

Other guests that will talk about Earl Hamner will be Susan Sullivan (with whom he worked on Falcon Crest), Carole Cook (they both worked on Palm Springs Weekend), James Best (on the Jess-Belle episode of Twilight Zone), Bill Mumy (they worked on Palm Springs Weekend), Lorenzo Lamas (again Falcon Crest) and Veronica Cartwright (Spencer’s Mountain).

For the moment, it isn’t sure when the documentary Earl Hamner Storyteller will premiere, or whether it will be seen on TV or it will be bought on DVD. But, as Ray Castro Jr. says, it feels surreal making this kind of a film about a living legend.

Now all we have to do is waiting for an official release date.

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