Duke? Are You There?

Bringing Duke back to Port Charles is an excellent idea. The Faison story is interesting however the Duke mask is a story by itself. Faison has the intellect and the money to make himself the exact image of Duke. So instead of having plastic surgery the way most monsters would, he has a rubber mask made. The rubber is very thin and pliable allowing Faison to emulate Duke’s facial expressions.

Ana Devane is very savvy, very smart. In looking deeply into “Duke’s” eyes does she not notice any mask margins around the sockets? Are Faison and Duke’s eyes exactly the same color? When Duke blinks, are the eyelids part of the mask?

Does Duke breathe through the nostrils and how is that possible? The mouth would have to go deep inside Faisons to keep the lip line true. To a casual observer the mask might pass as a face but to a woman who had fallen in love with that face she would have to be literally blind to see it was not a mask. Anna us overcome with grief not stupidity.

When the mask comes off it is a whole head, neck and evidently some torso cover. It must feel like real skin to fool Anna but the mask almost can stand by itself. It would actually peel off into a puddle if it was thin and soft.

Anna is always eying Duke strangely trying to figure out what is throwing her off. I don’t get the feeling she is so madly in love with him she is blind to everything.

Faison is going to a lot of trouble to get Anna. Wouldn’t you think he would just kill Duke as he don’t need him anymore? Faison is being awfully sloppy for a mastermind criminal.

It would be great for Scorpio to stick around when this plays out but I can’t see him with anyone else but Anna. If the two of them found their way back together, maybe all the while not thinking the wanted to be together it would be a great storyline if it wasn’t rushed. But I don’t know where this would leave Duke. I wonder if he could love another. Maybe Lucy?

Robert was always a very handsome, sexy man. Now that he has aged, I can still see him setting hearts aflutter. When he and Anna get there beloved daughter back it would be wonderful to see them as a family again. Robert and Anna have always loved to spar and there would be plenty of friction with Anna being Police Commissioner and Robert at loose ends.


  1. cheryl hunter says:


  2. Casey says:

    Anna belongs with Duke, and Robert with Holly. Period.

  3. fran says:

    Get rod of the Olivia seeing puppies and Lulu and Maxie crying over giving birth to dogs……that is way to much of an insult…….bring back Lucy Nicholas lucky robin Jason Alcazar ……blackie Laura Scotty and intertwine all the story lines and keep it moving…..twisting turning plotting revenge and surprises thus is the best soap ever!

  4. arlie says:

    the mask thing is the most unrealistic storyline I have ever come across in 60yrs of watching soaps. thank goodness it has melted away. Also hate this puppy thing,get more real PLEASE.
    where is Luke????????

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