Don’t Try, a Hotspot for Creation

As influential as Mr. Bukowski is on modern literature, the mechanics behind the man had to start somewhere. 1,200 poems, short stories and volumes of page turning novels, the man still had a modus operandi for handling such creative work. The days that travelled by him, may have created a searing need to tell it how it is, the sheer volume of “Don’t Try,” continues to reverberate throughout the decades.  Many writers have their own driving force or battle cry, but this simple two-word phrase says more than one can realize.

Bukowski on Don’t Try

“Somebody asked me: “What do you do? How do you write, create?” You do not, I told them. You don’t try. That is very important: not to try, for Cadillac’s, either creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more. It is like a bug high on the wall. You wait for it to come to you. When it gets close enough, you reach out, slap out and kill it. Or if you like its looks, you make a pet out of it” By Charles Bukowski.

This hotspot phrase enabled Mr. Bukowski to dig deeper and in darker caves than most writers of his day. The simplicity lies within the ability to let it come to you. The driving force of creativity should never face pressure to perform. While not everything will have the rainbow effect that a writer wants, it is ok to ignore some ideas. Why would you want to ignore some ideas? Some ideas are junk that tries to clutter the flow of the ones that are destined to be great ones. Don’t try may confuse many aspiring writers and piss off veterans as well. Regardless of the outcome, the ability to let go and let it come to you is a skill that requires absolute silence and removal of the control switch.

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