Doctor Who – A Very Frost-y Christmas Special

Come to think about it, it makes sense casting Nick Frost in the Christmas special episode of Doctor Who. This is actually the idea executive producer Steven Moffat expressed: if Frost isn’t during Christmas…

Leaving the joke aside, the producer also said that he has previously worked with the actor (The Adventures of Tintin in 2011) and it was a pleasure having him on the team. This time, as he said, he lured him back to television, for Doctor Who.

And Nick Frost has said many of times that he is a fan of the series, a big fan actually, so you can imagine how thrilled he was to be asked to star in the actual show. From this point of view, he was an easy catch for Stephen Moffat.

But then again, how would such a fan-boy react on the set? Nick Frost also said that it was pretty hard for him to hide his excitement, let alone to sit through the reading of the script. As a matter of fact, he had to silence every time his inner-fan-boy, who kept screaming no spoilers at every moment.

Nick Frost won’t be coming alone. Together with him, special appearances will be made by Natalie Gumede (from Coronation Street), Michael Troughton (the son of Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor), Faye Marsay (from Pride and The White Queen) and Nathan McMullen (from Misfits).

The Christmas Special for Doctor Who is written by the same Stephen Moffat and will be directed by Paul Wilmshurst. The production has already begun and the filming will take place in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

As the show’s website says, the episode will be action-packed and it will be the highlight of the BBC festive season. It is pretty obvious when the episode will be aired…

In the end, I can also say that Simon Pegg, with whom Nick Frost frequently worked (Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy is their most famous collaboration) also starred in Doctor Who in 2005 in The Long Game episode as The Editor.

So, this year, we have one more reason to wait for Christmas!

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