Doctor Who: A Game And A Book

Now the kids can also enjoy the best of Doctor Who: a new game is launched by BBC, an educative game called The Doctor and the Dalek. With this game, the children can learn the basics of programming: in other words, prepare your child for the future, because the future is here.

Now, when reading this, you may believe that it will be a rather boring game, especially when so many appear each year. However, as uninteresting as coding and programing might sound, The Doctor and the Dalek will make the best of the Doctor Who universe by using logical reasoning, variables, loops and so on.

The story is pretty straight-forward and is developed by Stephen Moffat: Doctor Who joins forces with a Dalek refugee on the war-torn planet of Sontarans and it involves several quests, side quests and, basically, what can be found in any game.

In addition to that, several puzzles are featured in the game, puzzles which will help in upgrading the Dalek (and thus having him, for example, fly).

Peter Capaldi will lend his voice to the Doctor.

In other news, a new book is out also for the children, a book which will contain a story about each of the 12 doctors until now. The book is called 12 Doctors 12 Stories, with each piece written by quite some famous authors.

For example, Neil Gaiman (of Sandman fame) has written the Nothing O’Clock story for the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith. For the last Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, the story is called Lights Out and it was written by Holly Black (which is best known for The Spiderwick Chronicles).

Of course, some of these shorts have appeared before. For example, Doctor Who: The Ripple Effect written by Malorie Blackman was out in 2013. However, this is a new and complete edition, reuniting all the authors (and adding the 12th Doctor story) under the same cover.

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