Do You Know Bruce?

After Seattle has declared that the 3rd of October will always be the official Bruce Lee Day, good news for the fans all over the world has arrived: the Wing Luke Museum inaugurated a new exhibit titled “Do You Know Bruce?” This new exhibit, opened last weekend, will offer new insight in the formative years of the martial artist known as Bruce Lee, particularly the years he spent in the Emerald City.

This will be a part of a larger rotating exhibit dedicated to his life, with artifacts borrowed by Shannon Lee and Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. As said, this year it will show the years prior to his emergence a superstar. Starting from next summer, the exhibit will present five of Bruce Lee’s movies, while a year after it will focus on his life as an artist.

Hundreds of new photos will be shown at the Wing Luke Museum, as well as poems and letters written by Bruce Lee. This will complete the perspective every fan should have concerning the actor, as well as the man. The plans are, for now, to keep this rotating exhibit until a permanent Bruce Lee museum will be opened.

Why Seattle? As Linda Lee Cadwell said, this is the city where they felt at home every time and this is the city in which they retreated after Bruce Lee became a living legend. Moreover, the reasons can be seen in the many letters between the two of them, letters which will be displayed at the museum.

Among the many artifacts, a point of interest will definitely be the spiral notebooks in which Bruce obsessively wrote with ballpoint pens. From extensive diagrams to various scenarios for attacks and counter-attacks to philosophical notes and remarks, the life of Bruce as he was will be opened to the viewer’s eyes.

Bruce Lee, a forever-young legend, can be seen at the Wing Luke Museum in his most intimate moments, in the years preceding his fame. This is probably the most important period of his life, since it is now when he put the bases Jeet Kune Do.

So the question needed to be asked is this: Do you know Bruce, or you just think you know him?

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