Days of Our Lives: Previews and Reviews

Watch out Days of Our Lives fans! There will be big stories in store for the characters of the Sami Set including Sami and Nicole.  Expect to see EJ and Sami working closer together in the series. Eric Brady’s 12 years of absence in Salem will end this coming November 13. Nicole will also have a sizzling hot storyline after being drawn back to her old lover as well.

Gabi on the other hand will have her time on screen, with surprising news that will test her relationship with Nick – this news will also test that of Sonny’s relationship with Will. Alright, it might be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen the episode, but the news is that Gabi is pregnant with Will!

Meanwhile, Marlena and John will have a misunderstanding over Kristen. While Marlena does not notice any changes with her, John insists that Kristen has changed. This prompts Marlena to think up ploys to keep her nemesis from destroying her marriage.

A lot of fans are thrilled with the idea of EJami, while others are already complaining about the plot and want a new twist for the storyline. There have been comments of the storylines being kind of tiring with the idea of EJami.  Between the dividing lines over the EJami pairing, some find it energetic and dynamic. This lingering debate has been going on for years between fans of the series.  Well, we can’t please everyone now can we?

Another thing that fans are complaining about is the baby story line for Gabi. Some say it is overkill, while others say they are tired of seeing baby stories.  Some even commented that the people in Salem are the most fertile people on Earth. Oh brother!

While the fans are debating over the Sami/EJ and Sami/Rafe love team, other characters are getting a make-over to spruce up the ratings.  One development was when Sonny and Will finally had sex.  Well, with Gabi’s pregnancy, what will happen now? What will Nick do now when he finds out about the pregnancy? How will Sonny and Will accept this and would this rock their relationship just when they finally became intimate? What will happen now among the four of them, with the baby now getting into the picture?

No doubt, the show still has a huge fan base.  But, the Days of Our Lives writers need to come up with something interesting or their ratings could plunge downwards! It would be very sad to see a show get cancelled after being on air for 60 years.  They need to reprise plots that the drama series had been known for: going for more bold plot lines and things that other drama series were too scared to touch.  They need something that will make the show shine above the rest of the shows.

What do you think? Does the show need some more bold plots and “spicing up”?


  1. Mary Amaral says:

    You can spice things up, just not with EJ and Sami. He needs to be locked up with his whole family. Want Daniel to find out fast what Nikki did. Are we all stupid that someone in that hospital didn’t check her records and where is her prenaital doctor. She hasn’t even showed up yet to get the memo of what the other doctor wrote. DUH!

  2. Janet says:

    I think that Gabi having a baby is good and that Will and Sonny should want to take care of it. Gabi acts like a child. Please let EJ and Sami get back together so this way Nicole would want him back.

  3. Marie McConnell says:

    Yes-spice it up and give us some of the great storylines that we enjoyed in the past. We are tired of the “who’s the daddy” storyline. I personally love the Sami/Rafe storyline. I love them together.

  4. Jan says:

    I’ve watched “Days” for many years. I like that the relationships that are whats on peoples minds. Gay verses stright. I would like Abe to have a new woman in his life. Nicky needs to get caught in her lies. Hopefully the doctor that told her her baby was dead gets back soon to tell the truth.Someone finds the hospital papers Nicky tore up,Marlena looses her cool and as she and John are not married let he and Kristen get back together. E.J. and Sami need to get married and have many ups and downs. Roman needs to get involved with a woman. You need the police force to have topics about child traffic, or immagation. Get gritty with the story line as we have a lot going on in our world that can be used for great story lines.

  5. Tammy says:

    Been watching daily for almost 30 years…Sami and Rafe have awesome Chemistry! I want them together. Please dont pair abe with Kayla! give him a beautiful black woman who can be a mom to theo! I liked Kate with Roman…they were funny together! wish gabi wouldnt turn up pregnant…if anything let her just be happy with Nick or make nick gay and gabi leave town! lol … so tired of jennifer budding into daniels life…dont really want them together…i did before but having her go back to jack its not the same now with them. I think jennifer and brady should be together! but be friends 1st! let Nikki end up with Eric so sami can be upset and ej needs someone totally new…tired of him back and forth with only sami and nikki. everyone needs new partners! its always same people going in circles with each other and fighting…even Daniel needs a new girl! really ready for Nikki to find happiness with someone other than ej

  6. Jessica says:

    EJami needs to happen. At least give them a real chance!

    I would love to see Doug and Julie. I have literally been watching days my who life. I’ve heard rumors about hope and rafe – that could be interesting!

    The gabi/will/sonny baby thing is meh. Though I can’t wait to see Samis face when she realizes she’s gonna be a grandma!!!

  7. stephanie says:

    if the writers want to get their rating back up ,then they need to watch some episodes from the past like anything before 2001 they need to watch and go over wat made it so great! before then it was about family that warm cozy feeling with drama to the side ,keep it real,with real stuff that really happens in life ! that’s what the fans are looking for they miss the way the show used to be not just continues drama in every seen ,we want to see happy along with the unhappy ppl ! If i where one of the writers i could take all this of what im saying and what the fans are saying and make awsome story lines! like their is a thing between ppl for whom sami should be with well their are many options to keep them both happy with the ejami and safe fans just a example she could be with ej for a couple months ,let them be happy for a while ,and then we could swoop in rafe in to her life when she gets jealous seeing him with another woman ” it just an example just off the top of my head it really isn’t too hard days writers i just hope you get this and be able to use it for your benefit! — love your long time fan Stephanie Danielle Cannon

    • Lilyfi says:

      For me, the constant ping-ponging between Sami and her men is just tiring. I honestly don’t think I’ll make it through another EJami “potential” pairing only to have it blown to bits. I have waited many years for EJami, but now I’m so bored with EJ being desperately in love with Sami. Make it happen or leave it forever. I think Gabi having Will’s baby has a lot of SL potential, I just don’t like Gabi. Maybe WilSon could raise the baby as a young, gay couple. That would be interesting and bring some reality and relevance to the show. I love that Kristen and Eric are back. I hope Nicole finally finds true love. I like how the new writers are giving the show more depth by having old friends actually talking again and more interaction with the whole cast. It doesn’t seem to be as plot driven as before. I go between tuning in and tuning out, but am fading. Keep me interested writers and please make Sami choose!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Michael Smith says:

    I think E.J. and Sami is a bad idea I can’t EJ the writers forgot that E.J Raped Sami to get Johnny I didnt forget I hate him Will and Sonny should raise Will’s Baby

  9. Michelle says:

    Here we go again with the ongoing baby dramas! Changing paternity test results will surely be in the card as Nick the genius will have no problems doing it! Can we please get off of that story line! It is so overworked and tired!

    Also getting bored with the Sami/Rafe/EJ triangle! Introduce a third man and really make it interesting!

    Desperately need some excitment added as we seem to be going down the same roads over and over!!!

  10. judith says:

    I have watched days since day one & never missed a single day of days. Even watched while in labor 7 times, but this gay sick makes me want to puke. I turn the t.v. off every time that part comes on. Get Boo back even if is Robert Kelter Kelly. And Rafe & Sammy all the way. Please no Rafe & Kate {a great grandmother} how stupid can the writters be? Eric is really a great guy. More of Roman. Jen & Daniel belong together & get John home to Doc. Send Christin packing. Never liked her. LOVE MAGGIE & MA BRADY.

  11. Jane says:

    I have watched Days since day one. I do not care for the gay relationship being brought in and being so OUT THERE with it.
    Most of the characters have aged well but Jennifer needs a major make-over. Not only does her character have to be upset and cry everyday but her clothes and hair make her look like the old woman in the park who use to beat up Tim Conway with her purse. Please give her some help. Her hair is awful.

  12. Renee says:

    I am getting tired of Days pushing the gays on us. it is wrong and I am about to stop watching it if something is not done about it. What is sad is the whole gay marriage. That makes me sick.

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