Dark Shadows TV Bloopers and Mistakes

When Dark Shadows was still being aired on TV during the 1960s, there were some TV bloopers and mistakes in some of the episodes that you might have not noticed while watching the show. All of the Dark Shadows episodes were recorded live-to-tape, so the cast had to keep acting even when they made a mistake or when props failed. However, the show’s actors are so good that it seemed like the bloopers were part of the show when you watch them for the first time.

Here, you will find a list of some of the best and funniest Dark Shadows bloopers and mistakes that occurred during the show. The next time you watch Dark Shadows on DVD or online, make sure to look out for these funny bloopers and mistakes.

Barnabas and the Cane

In a Dark Shadows 1970 episode, there is a scene where Barnabas is fending off a werewolf with his cane. However, when he struck the werewolf with the cane, it bounced off and hits him in the head. Ouch!

Elizabeth vs. Set Door

In a Dark Shadows 1966 episode, Elizabeth tries to exit the scene but the set door refuses to open. You can see her struggling and tugging at the door several times. She finally gives up and just stood near the door until the scene ends.

Angry Forbes and Flimsy Door

In an episode from the 1795 timeline of Dark Shadows, an angry Lt. Forbes runs out of Collinwood’s front door and then tries to slam it. However, the flimsy set door did not slam and bounced back open. The supposedly “angry” and “in-a-hurry” Lt. Forbes returns and slowly re-closes the door.

Uncooperative Cat

In the 1795 timeline of Dark Shadows, the black-and-white cat (playing as a transformed Joshua Collins) was very uncooperative in all of the scenes that he was in. The cat would always get up and leave the bed or chair he was sitting on, so the camera was always forced to pull in and the actors had to pretend that the uncooperative cat was still there.

Demonic Fly

In an episode from the 1795 timeline of Dark Shadows, Reverend Trask is trying to perform an exorcism. While he was doing his incantation, a demonic fly keeps flying in front of his face trying to get inside his mouth. He had to stop his incantation so that he can blow it away. Yuck!

Backstage Fire?

In a Dark Shadows 1967 episode, Vicky and Barnabas are talking in the Collinwood foyer. Suddenly, some noise is heard coming from backstage that interrupts the scene and distracts the actors. You can hear shouts, crashes, bumps, coughing, and finally, the sound of a fire extinguisher shooting off. Because of the noise, the distracted actors blew all their lines, yet the unstoppable recording goes on.

There are many more bloopers and mistakes in other Dark Shadows episodes. In fact, there is a blooper or mistake in most of the TV s. YouTube and other video streaming sites have videos of some of the funniest bloopers of Dark Shadows.


  1. One of the interesting two are seeing someone walk off set in a scene at the old house, and when Vicky’s father Sam is painting the portrait of Barnabas, you can see the painting under neath the one he’s “painting” in some episodes they would call the person by the wrong name. Loved this show when I was in 5th grade, still like it, wish they had more episodes in order on Netflix..but then I guess it would hurt sales of the series DVD. Loved the first movie, the other two were disappointing.

  2. Kjm1997 says:

    One of my favorites is Jonathan Frid walking across the set with a pair of sneakers in hand as the final credits are rolling.

  3. Jeff Slinker says:

    The one blunder I remember is a scene in which there was hammering going on, probably for another set, and was very distracting to the actors.

  4. Monica Schneider says:

    One of my favorite scenes was when Quentin Collins is having a fight with someone in the main hall, Quentin reaches for a sword out of the family crest hanging on the wall and the whole thing falls off the wall.

  5. Jim says:

    During the closing credits of one of the earlier episodes, a stage hand walked across the set…realized what he was doing…had a shocked look on his face as he looked into the camera…and slowly backed away out of the shot.

  6. Julia says:

    When Willie is running through the cemetery, the camera pans down to his feet. When Willie turns to run in another direction, the “grass” bunches up so you can see it is actually carpeting grass on a stage floor.

  7. AngeliqueToo says:

    The sets must have been flimsy, I remember the scene where Denise Nickerson & David Hennessy found Quentin’s Room and each person that walked in a certain spot tripped (maybe wires to make the chair rock or something).

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