Danny Glover: 25 Years after Lonesome Dove

Some acting careers can go down the drain if an actor takes a wrong part. This was not the case for Daniel Lebern Glover. Danny Glover is known by memorable roles as Mr. Albert Johnson in The Color Purple, Michael Harrigan in Predator 2, Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon and Detective David Tapp from the well-known horror flick Saw. At the age of 68, he is still active in the political world and in Hollywood. His rise to stardom started working on a community development project. His first involvement was in the Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Joshua Deets in Lonesome Dove

Danny Glover took on the role of Joshua Deets from the television series. He starred in the following episodes, Return, The Plains, On the Trail and Leaving. His character is a tracker and scout from Call and McCrae days as Texas Rangers days. Now, after 25 years after the debut of Lonesome Dove, Mr. Glover moved on in the same year to Dead Man Out, in the role ofthe Dr. Alex Marshh. It was another television movie and then had a one episode role on Saturday Night Live as Roger Murtaugh.

Future Work by Danny Glover

Danny Glover is still hard at work with upcoming releases in film. He stars in Rage as Detective St. John, Beyond the Lights as Captain David Nicol, Monster Trucks, Scout and directing Toussaint for 2015. He has entertained us for decades and Lonesome Dove has definitely added spark to the way that he comes across the silver screen. He has gone beyond the days working with the city administration team to that of a legend. As the future unfolds for all of us, it is worth the time to go revisit some past films as a tribute to the actors of a different age and time. Mr. Glover’s legacy will burn onward throughout the decades, as it does now, his passing will be an atrocity to all of us.

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