Creating Beavis and Butthead

Everybody loves Beavis and Butthead, probably the dumbest characters to be seen on the screen, because they have the guts to show us who we are exactly. Laughing at the television set, we are actually Beavis and Butthead – do we know when we started laughing like this?

It all started when Mike Judge wanted to create a funny character by drawing one of his high-school colleagues, a nerdy guy that became a nuclear engineer (so nothing like Beavis and Butthead the characters that we know). But since he didn’t have any talent, his pictures looked awful – he even remembers thinking about how lame the drawing were and how people will laugh at him.

So he went with two of these drawings (the first one being Beavis, the second one being Butthead) and showed them to the editor. But the editor found the concept (and the drawings) very original and very funny – initially, Beavis had only a few lines (which were not even real sentences: Yeah! Yeah! Heh heh. Cool. Yeah!)

And, like any serious show, the characters was constantly improved (if it can be said so) as the series progressed, and Beavis got his own (mentally-challenged) personality, distinct than the one of Butthead: they are both losers, but in a different way.

As Mike Judge said, this also makes them kind of sad in a way. It’s not because people don’t get them, don’t understand them, but because they don’t see what the source of inspiration is. At times, they even see bullies in Beavis and Butthead, something with which the creator totally disagrees.

In a way, in his mind, Beavis and Butthead can never be adults. They can only be the teenagers we see them in the series, or old men in their 60s. And after a life in small-time jobs (like selling shoes for Butthead and tearing down roofs for Beavis) they’d still be the same: no progress, no gain, no anything.

How can it be otherwise when Beavis has a pregnancy scare and Butthead just goes with the flow?

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