Craft Is The Word

I am not sure I have a favorite Golden Girl.  I guess I always leaned towards liking Blanche the best, followed by Sophia.  As I got older and continued to watch the shows, the episodes and the characters took on new meanings for me.  Although I love them all, Blanche, well actually Rue, has taken a new spot in my heart!

As I was surfing the World Wide Web a few nights ago, I somehow stumbled upon some really interesting facts about Rue McClanahan that surprised me and stole my heart!  Rue was a woman after my own heart and I had no idea. I guess perhaps I never really thought of it, but after I read about it, I thought…WOW!  That’s kind of cool!  You see my friends, Rue McClanahan, were an avid “crafter”!

It never occurred to me that Rue’s talent could have possibly been more than meets the eye!  She was a true artist on and off camera!  Of course we all know how talented she was on camera, during her many, many appearances on TV shows, movies, Broadway and so on.  But during her “down time”, Rue enjoyed using many other art mediums as well.  From “doodling” on her Golden Girls scripts during rehearsals, to painting, quilting, crocheting, knitting, jewelry making and more, Rue did it all!  And she did it well!

The picture above is of Rue with a quilt she started when she was appearing on Maude, and didn’t finish till right before her untimely death in June 2010!  Thirty years later!  Talk about dedication to your craft!

At the time of Rue’s death on June 3, 2010, she was living in a New York apartment, preparing to do a Broadway show featuring the story of her life titled “My First Five Husbands” when she suffered from a brain hemorrhage.  After her death, Rue’s son, Mark Bish, announced that his star studded mother’s belonging would be auctioned off in a series of auction sales.  Items up for auction include(d) some of Rue’s prized possessions such as outfits, some from when she was filming The Golden Girls, manuscripts from The Golden Girls, some “doodled” on, costume jewelry, contents of her living room and more!  Even the quilt that Rue herself made!

The following link is a clip from a walk-through of Rue’s New York apartment where she was living at the time of her death, which she was preparing to put on the market. Rue McClanahan’s Apartment

          Through watching this video and reading other articles concerning Rue, her estate and her personal interests and hobbies, I stumbled across another website, which I have to admit, I spent quite a few hours looking through in the wee hours of the morning!  To say I am excited to share this site with you would be an understatement!  I was mesmerized to look through all of the items up for auction that had actually once belonged to THE one and only Rue McClanahan!

Although many items are now listed as “SOLD”, it was still fascinating to look at the items and read the descriptions!  It was through looking at all of the items, namely the jewelry, and artwork that I learned that Rue McClanahan enjoyed crafting!  Can you imagine wrapping a shawl around your shoulders that Rue McClanahan personally knitted for herself?  Would you wear it?  How about a pair of earrings that Rue fashioned?  Would you wear them?


  1. Maria Medina says:

    I love the Golden Girls. I love all of them, but i identify more with Blanche. My friends tell me that i act like her. That is a compliment to me. Love all of them.

  2. veronika amaechi says:

    i love them all, each of them with her beauty, spirit, characer, flaws and talents, they are just gorgeous..

  3. Eddy says:

    i love them all and i reale miss the show so much….

  4. Debbie says:

    It’s sad to think that these wonderful women are gone with the exception of Betty White. I loved this show, we watch the reruns all the time.

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