Could a Munsters reboot work?

A couple of years ago (in 2012), NBC was keen on remaking The Munsters in a TV series titled Mockingbird Lane. This was supposed to be a reboot, which would follow the same characters from the original series, obviously portrayed by other actors. As far as I can recall, there were a few twitches here and there, but the show would have followed the canon set by the 1964 series.

So a pilot was made, but nobody bought the idea – as Bob Greenblatt (NBC chairman) said, it didn’t hold together well enough to yield a series. But what does that mean?

It is well known that most of the fans wouldn’t even consider having their favorite TV series or films rebooted or reinvented for the new century, and the reason is because most of the reboots that have happened until now had a very poor quality (not just compared to the original, but also by today’s standards).

Another reason might also be the fact that people are just tired of seeing the same ideas over and over again. It is a common opinion that today’s industry lacks the courage of coming up with new concepts and new stories. And rebooting an old show (even if that show is The Munsters) didn’t appeal to most of the viewers.

Finally, another reason why Mockingbird Lane didn’t hold together might also be the lack of chemistry between the actors. Most of the fans of The Munsters said that this was the real problem of the pilot.

Either way, Mockingbird Lane was eventually aired as a Halloween special in 2013. To no one’s surprise, it didn’t do so well as far as the audience numbers go.

In my opinion, all of these three reasons I cited before have contributed to the reboots demise (if it can be said so, since only a pilot was made). But, most importantly, I believe that The Munsters was a show for the 60’s, a show that could have aired only back then, when television was just at its beginning.

The concept worked because it was (kind of) original and because the idea behind it suited that social context: immigrants trying to fit into the American society.

All in all, the point is that you cannot have a sitcom which lasts for an entire hour (as Mockingbird Lane was supposed to be) without actually making a statement. And, besides the pretty faces and the few forced laughs, this reboot was empty.

In 2013, NBC said that the idea of rebooting The Munsters hasn’t died completely…

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