Clint Eastwood – Classic Early Westerns

Clint Eastwood is one of the BEST when it comes to playing in Western movies. It’s tough to picture this guy without a cowboy hat on his head. He probably has some cigarette coolly resting on the edge of his lips, smoke billowing out.  In fact, he’s got numerous Westerns under his belt, each one earning its own place in movie legend. Although all of them are good it’s fun to make comparisons. Here’s a top three list for Clint Eastwood Westerns:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This one is probably THE movie most often remembered when the name Clint Eastwood is uttered. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly revolves around three people, Clint Eastwood (known as Blondie) being the “Good” guy. The Bad is portrayed by Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach takes the role of the Ugly. The three are supposed to help each other retrieve gold buried somewhere in a graveyard.

What’s remarkable about this movie is that it is set during the Civil War. This means that the three travel through lands in the midst of a war, propelling them in the most unlikely situations. At the same time – all three are trying to outdo each other with the hope of claiming all the gold for themselves. The final scenes of the movie end in a shootout between the three which basically made the film more than memorable. It’s important to note the underlying message in it though – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly fighting it out in the same way as goodness, evil and beauty.

Pale Rider

In this movie, Clint Eastwood plays another mysterious man without a name. Instead, he’s called Preacher because he’s wearing a white collar. The plot is simple enough.  The greedy mining company is attempting to take over the town and claims from the mining prospectors living there.  The Preacher drives out the men  who are working  for the mining company and  attempting the takeover.  He also rids the town of some other less desirable characters.  Finally the Preacher rides off into the sunset.

A Fistful of Dollars

In Fistful of Dollars you’ll find Clint Eastwood (known as the Stranger) battling for supremacy over two criminal gangs. Instead of fighting each of them however, Eastwood tries to play them against each other.  This strategy allows him to rise to the top without too much effort on his part.  The plot’s not really that original – but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in other ways. The insertion of sound effects, the hint of drama, excellent framing and breath taking locations have helped place a Fistful of Dollars on the list of favorites.

There are definitely more Clint Eastwood movies which are favorites, of course.  However, at this time, I’ll just limit my choices to three.


  1. Maria Melendez says:

    Clint Eastwood was one of my favorite actors, he lost my respect and admiration when he made a total idiot of himself at the Democratic Convention. He disrepected our President and showed the world what he is really like. Obama 2012!

    • Brenda Steinhardt says:

      And, YOU are disrespecting one of my favorite actors. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire bit. I GOT IT!

      So sad that you are making one of the most important decisions of your life after one man’s comment. Take another minute to look at the issues and the agendas of the candidates. You owe that to yourself and your family.

    • Gary K says:

      This president disrespects America. Clint told it like it is

    • Michael says:

      I didn’t like the chair thing, and I support Obama, but Clint Eastwood is entitled to his opinion and he is, in my opinion, the best actor in the world.

    • Brian M says:

      Stupid people say the dumbest thing I’m pretty sure he never spoke at the Democratic convention, which make the rest of your statement stupid.

    • dan says:

      Fuckin wetback and you idiots that voted for the worst president ever wish Clint would kill all of Obama supporters so don’t bitch when he takes America down along with the worhtless democrats fuck you all

    • Tom says:

      Democratic convention? LOL

    • RICK L MOORE says:

      Clint only told it the way he saw it , and after the last 5 yrs of obama you cant see he was right , then stick with your worthless president, as for me , Clint is the best actor /director to ever live and would get my vote any day of the week if he ran for president. As for me I consider Robert E Lee my president.

    • Solyn says:

      That’s a wetuhtholg-l-out answer to a challenging question

  2. Scott N says:

    Really Maria? The Democratic Convention? I think you are the one making a total idiot of yourself! I thank the Lord that Clint is a Republican! Romney 2012!

  3. Jason says:

    President Obama has done some excellent things as President and he could do more and will. I am thankful he was reelected! With that said, I still think Clint Eastwood is the coolest person on the planet. I watched the RNC and don’t really understand all the hate directed at Clint. I didn’t think Clint was disrespectful. He brought a little humor and celebrity to an otherwise dull convention and he didn’t lie and distort the facts like every other speaker there; he simply gave his opinion. I was however, extremely disappointed in some of the left’s reaction to it, especially the derogatory statements about his age and such. I’m still a fan; always will be.

  4. Fernando says:

    Un my opinion Mr Clint is one of The most excelent actor in The USA as well around the world . But nevertheless people forget that he is a human been every one specially in The USA that u can say whaever u like(called freedon) u may express yourself at Any time that his opinión just like The others, so because of him people jump n o matter how good ur or u were no body cares as long as u don’t make mistakes that is when ur not good Any moré. I do respect every one yr free to say what ever u like at list if are pretenden be some one else fake face … Hmmm Clint yr a great gentleman in all The ways i do respect You!!!!!!!!

  5. Mr Clint Eastwood has been around as long as i can remember he is wonderful he has made some of the greatest movies ever i have pictures of him all over my home i guess you could say im a fan i am so glad that you finally made a page for all to see thanks for all you have done for westerns cops and just about anything you are an amazing actor i wish someday i could meet you you are by far the best actor ever in my book from a fan who has loved your work since i was a kid always watch your movies jill

  6. I have seen all 3 and a lot more of your movies because you have always been my favorite star. Keep up the good work. I think I might have told you that my husband and wrote a movie and we would be glad if you could direct or produce it because you are great in everything you do.
    Juanita Grabaszewski a faithful fan of yours. Our son wanted to be in the movie but he lost his leg in October of 2012 and besides he is 44 years old. Thank you for your time. You are a great man and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  7. Ken Powers says:

    I have been a Clint fan since the age of about 10 and to my surprise I received a fiftieth birthday card from him after my wife wrote to him, what a guy.

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