Clint Eastwood: Alpha Male On-Screen

Those steely eyes, the slow and precise speech, and masculine gait – these are qualities we equate with Clint Eastwood. He is a true blue living Alpha Male, even if he is already in his 80s. The thing is, even in celluloid, he still embodies the characteristics of a true Alpha. A leader, decision-maker, mover, and still a true gentleman, Clint in the movies displays what he is outside the camera – a real Alpha Male.

For those who want to get tips on being an Alpha Male through the movies, here are the main characteristics of an Alpha Male and how Eastwood shows everyone how it’s done through his roles:

1. The Alpha Male exudes confidence

This quality is the primary thing that sets an Alpha Male from the rest of the pack. He knows what his strengths and weaknesses are; and does not care what other people (especially those who are not Alpha) think of him, his opinions, or just anything in general. The way he sees and respects himself is beyond the norm. But make no mistake: He is not arrogant or overly proud, he is just sure of himself not to bother with anybody else. Armed with a strong conviction, he goes his own way and does this his way.

Clint definitely exhibits this quality in the movie Escape from Alcatraz, where he plays Frank Morris, a real life criminal who was transferred to Alcatraz after successfully breaking out in a number of prisons all over the country. Frank Morris just did not care what anybody thought of him. He was focused and determined to achieve his goal of breaking out of the most secure facility in the country. Now that’s an Alpha Male.

2. The Alpha Man has integrity

Whatever convictions and principles an Alpha Man has, he stands by them. His actions show consistency and his moral fiber when correcting past mistakes is obvious. He makes a stand, and when he does, expect him to move hell and water to make things right.

In the film In the Line of Fire, Eastwood stars as Secret Service operative Frank Horrigan, who failed to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s. Haunted by this failure, he takes the opportunity to correct it thirty years after as he has the chance to stop an assassin from killing the current president on his re-election campaign.

3. An Alpha Male communicates well

It does not matter whether it is verbal or non-verbal; he shows what he wants to say through his words and actions. He knows how to make his whole body translate what he wants to say, and his audience gets it.

In the Oscar-winning film Million Dollar Baby, he played a boxing trainer Frank Dunn, who has the ability to communicate with a female boxer through words, gestures, and even just a look. Considering he is talking to a woman, it is amazing how this Alpha Male can say so much with just a stare, and his audience understands.

These roles (and a lot more) give viewers an insight on the characteristics of an Alpha Male. It can be done, even without trying too hard!


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