Classic Episodes of Leave It To Beaver

Leave It To Beaver

“A Family Moment”

One of our favorite kids to watch on TV was Beaver in the family sit-com “Leave It To Beaver”. Here are a few episodes you may remember.

“Beaver Takes a Bath”, Season 3, Episode 2, 1959.  June and Ward need to go on an overnight business trip.  At the last minute the babysitter had to cancel.  Wally convinces his parents he is mature enough to take care of Beaver and himself while they are away.  The parents finally agree and tell Wally he will receive the same pay as the babysitter.  He is told he must have Beaver take a bath.

The parents leave for their trip.  Wally starts to fix burgers for dinner and sends Beaver to take his bath.  When the food is ready Wally calls Beaver who is running water in the tub.  Beaver comes to eat, but forgets to shut off the water.  The tub overflows and water comes down to the main floor.  The water leaves a large stain on the ceiling and the plaster eventually falls down.

When June and Ward return they praise the boys for doing a good job while they were away.  The boys have to wrestle with their conscience as to whether to admit they were responsible for the water leak from the tub overflowing or not.

“The Hypnotist”, Season 3, Episode 24, 1960.  The boys go to movies and see the Mad Hypnotist.  Beaver decides he will try to hypnotize someone, but Wally, June and Ward are all too busy, Eddie Haskell agrees to let Beaver hypnotize him even though Wally asks him not to do it.  Anyway Eddie decides to let Beaver think he was successful and that Eddie is now his hypnotic slave.  Eddie follows Beaver around in a zombie like state and Beaver gets freaked out.  When Wally hears Beaver screaming Wally’s name during a nightmare he realizes what Eddie has done.  He and Beaver have to devise their own plan to exact revenge on Eddie.

“Junior Fire Chief”, Series 4, Episode 34, 1961.  Their elementary school teacher decides as a civic project to have the class elect a junior fire chief for fire prevention week.  At the urging of his parents Beaver runs for the office and is elected Fire Chief for Fire Prevention Week.    Unfortunately, Beaver takes his honorary position much too seriously.  The class finds out that only the one class with the best project will be invited for a tour of the fire house.  The students urge Beaver to hand out citations for perceived infractions to everyone, family, friends, and neighbors.  In addition, he takes to screaming about anything he sees as wrong.  Ward and June try to get Beaver to see he is taking things too far, but he has to learn this lesson for himself.

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