Cersei Lannister – Queen of Mean – Medieval Style!

I’ve been looking at Cersei Lannister lately with an eye to being non-judgmental.  After watching a heartfelt conversation between she and Robert in Season 1  (the only heartfelt one between them in the series), I gave it more thought and came to the following conclusions as to the whys and hows of her becoming such a mean b…..

After all, here she was, a teenager, madly in love with Robert.  Robert only wants to pine away for Lyanna Stark, who is dead.  I can only imagine the colossal disappointment Robert turned out to be for Cersei.  On their wedding night, he stumbles into bed drunk and calls her Lyanna.

So, time goes by and nothing changes for Robert; he’s still keeping Lyanna’s ghost alive while neglecting his wife who has become very bitter.  So bitter, in fact, that she takes her twin brother, Jaime, to bed and gives him 3 children passing them off as Robert’s. Robert’s only interests are drinking, hunting and bedding whores.  He has no love for Cersei and, before his death, fully admits it to her that he never did, but by this time, she’s way beyond caring.

Thankfully, Robert doesn’t find out that the children Cersei bore are not his.  Ned Stark found out and so did Jon Arryn.  Both men started snooping around and it cost them their lives.  Robert needed to be disposed of before things got out of hand so Cersei siezed the opportunity while Robert was hunting and made sure through her cousin, Lancel Lannister, Robert’s squire, that he drank enough wine to be cross-eyed.  It may have been tainted as well, but Robert was too drunk to be hunting and would slip up one way or another.  Cersei could not risk the lives of her children.  What would happen to them if Robert found out they were Jaime’s?  I would imagine her and Jaime’s heads would top a spike at the City Gates and the children either killed or at the very least, banished to utter poverty and danger.  Robert was not a sensitive man; not by any stretch of the imagination.  He would have jumped at the excuse to have her head.  He hated her.  He hated her because she was not Lyanna and, secondly, because she was a Lannister, and owing to the irresponsible ways in which he put the kingdom into debit, was obligated to them and their gold more than ever.  Robert was not one to be beholden to anyone and it pissed him off, but he had no one to blame but himself.

Yes, Robert did his share in souring Cersei.  However, I think there was another very powerful influence that came before Robert:  Tywin Lannister.  Tywin was a hard-ass to the core of his being.  I can’t imagine him being a nurturing and protective Dad to Cersei.  Tywin Lannister was a tyrant of his own sort.  There is not much mention of Cersei’s mother except that she had died giving birth to Tyrion.  Either way, she wasn’t around long enough to smooth over things in the ways a mother might.  She could have helped Cersei, but it was not to be.  Whatever idyllic fantasies Cersei may have had ended with her marriage to Robert.  And it only went downhill from there.

When you combine a hard upbringing with complete disillusionment in one’s marriage partner, it can make for a mean and nasty person.  Hurting people hurt people!  Cersei is a woman scorned and we all know what they say about that!  She didn’t have much of a chance most of her life so she took what little control she could when Robert was alive.  Now that he’s dead and her son, Joffrey, is King, I can only imagine the havoc she will wreak if provoked.  Her only love is her children and she will do anything to protect them.

She could have been a nice Queen, if only…

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