The Walking Dead: “Walk with Me”

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This week’s episode is remarkable not only in its distinct change of setting, but in its strong political themes.  The setting is important because, at least at face value, it serves as a deliberate contrast to that of the previous episode.  The chaos our protagonists are experiencing at the prison, combined with the uncertainty of […]

The Walking Dead: “Sick”


This most recent episode, “Sick,” explores said title in a number of different directions.  Hershel’s shock and near-death resulting in the attack he endured in the previous episode pushes the characters to their limits.  Fearful that the amputation may not have been enough to spare him from full-blown infection, Rick has him handcuffed to the […]

The Walking Dead, Season 3 Premiere: “Seed”


Warning: Spoilers ahead. The teaser opening for the season portrays a group that has changed much since the close of Season 2.  Lori’s pregnancy is advanced, every member of the group has become a seasoned marksman, and Carl, although still a child in body, has clearly aged beyond his years.  There is a profound moment […]

The Walking Dead graphic novel Chapter Two: “Miles Behind Us”

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The second chapter in The Walking Dead graphic novel is the basis to season two of the television show, although there are clear differences between the two.  Tyresse (the character on which T-Dog is based) is introduced, as well as his daughter Julie, Julie’s boyfriend Chris, Hershel, and Hershel’s family.  The group has not encountered […]

Review: The Walking Dead Compendium One


Chapter One: “Days Gone Bye” As an avid comic book collector in my youth, I was eager to check out The Walking Dead collection.  As a writer who has adapted prose to screenplay format and vice-versa, I couldn’t wait to compare the graphic novel to the television series.  Being only one (albeit lengthy) chapter in, […]

The Walking Dead: the Humanity

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As both a horror writer and horror fan, I’ve come to the firm belief that the hallmark of all good horror is how well it is able to apply the thematic parallels to the horrors of the real world.  We create monsters to elicit fear of the fantastic, the unknown, and the macabre, but without […]

Walking Dead Season 3: What We Are Looking Forward To!

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Two short years ago, fans of the zombie genre rejoiced for the introduction of The Walking Dead. Ever since then it has been hard to look away from one minute of the drama, horror and character development the show brings. With everything that has happened so far, like the deaths some of us didn’t expect […]