Keep Your Head Up

Queen Latifah in Living Single

At the end of the 23rd episode from the 1st season, Living Single features a Queen Latifah song which best describes the counter-movement against the image created about African American women. Whether we are talking about movies, or about songs (hip-hop especially), or about any other kind of medium, the woman is very often referred […]

Interweaving The Stories

The Sound of Music

When the story was pitched by the studio to the first director, he refused to make it because it was too saccharin (eventually, after it changed hands a couple of times, the film ended up made by the same first director). But is The Sound of Music too sugary for one’s tastes? In a way, […]


Tom Waits

One of Tom Waits’ most beloved songs, Time first appeared on the album Rain Dogs in 1985, which is still considered his masterpiece. And, on this album, the song mentioned above is regarded by most of the critics as the focal point, as well as the poem which best describes both the sources of inspiration […]

The Gangs From The Warriors

The Rogues

The Warriors could have been easily called some other way, given the large number of gangs depicted in the film. The Warriors – the main gang depicted in the film, comes from Coney Island and is framed for the death of the leader Cyrus. Basically, the movie is about their journey back to their own […]

Jason Voorhees: The Best Of

Jason in the woods

Even if you are not talking about the slasher franchise, uttering the words Friday the 13th immediately makes you think about Jason Voorhees. And you must admit this: when the first film appeared back in 1980, making such a known date a brand of your own was a stroke of genius. But leaving this aside, […]

Bruce – Always The Hero, Never The Sidekick


Bruce Lee’s career in America started not with his roles when he screamed so high-pitched that only dolphins could hear him, but with a little series called The Green Hornet. In it, he was supposed to be the secondary character Kato, the valet and the sidekick of playboy Britt Reid, better known as the Green […]

Missy – The Genius of Steven Moffat


Steven Moffat has brought new kinds of story-arcs to Doctor Who, story arcs which aren’t limited by a single interpretation. Many a times the same story could have been watched from different points of view, perspectives which are perfectly available and which have a great significance for our own present times. Such is the case […]

Living Single Facts

Living Single

One of the best African-American centered series (and not only), Living Single has become a cult series since last time it was aired. Here are a few things that you might have missed since then. The show was originally named My Girls, since it focused on the lives of four single females. However, the studio […]

War As The Natural Order Of Things

Cyrus in The Warriors

The plot of The Warriors is pretty straightforward: a truce gone wrong followed by lots of fighting. It is a rather simple and exploitative storyline, which has prompted the critics (of that time) to say that the movie is confusing, ludicrous and pointless (I am not even talking about the acting and the dialogue of […]

13 Facts About Friday The 13th

Jason's Hockey Mask

Time and time again (twelve times, actually), the Friday the 13th franchise showed that fans love a good slasher film, especially when it comes with a machete wielding killer which comes straight out of hell. However, in a way, it isn’t all just a horror story. The name, at least, is not something invented especially […]