The Warriors: A Silent Phenomenon

The Warriors

I’m a big fan of old movies. From Casablanca to Scarface, The Godfather to The Lord of the Rings, yes, I treasure all these productions. Not because of their success in box offices, but because they will always remain points of reference in the history of filmmaking. Sometimes it so happens I stumble upon strange […]

Some Tom Waits Stories

Tom Waits

Tom Waits has always been interested in, well, things that wouldn’t interest other people. As he said in one of his interviews, his favorite sound is the sound of bacon frying in a pan – how many of us would have said that? Did we even notice this sound? And if we did, didn’t we […]


The Sound of Music

While most of us know this song from The Sound of Music (1965), it first appeared in the 1959 musical of the same name and it was composed by Richard Rodgers. As a bit of trivia information, Rodgers was the first one to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony for his […]

Virtual Stupidity

Virtual Stupidity

Released in 1995 (when Beavis and Butthead were reaching the height of their popularity), Virtual Stupidity is an extension of the show and it could be easily considered one longer episode. Certainly not a game for children (just like the TV series wasn’t either), this game didn’t come with something new in the ever evolving […]

Method Acting With ALF

ALF in a commercial

Sure, everybody knows that the furry and funny alien from Melmac was actually nothing more than a puppet, operated most of the time by his creator Paul Fusco. However, this doesn’t mean that ALF was completely lifeless and that people referred to him as an it. As Paul Fusco said in one of his many interviews […]

The Table Are Turned


Not everybody liked Living Single in the beginning – as a matter of fact, many critics said that it was just another sitcom with an urban setting, which twitched a bit on the concept and thus became a moderate hit. The twitch was a double one, with one improvement being the more realistic approach of […]

The Legend of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Over the course of his life and especially later on after he founded Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee said many a times that martial arts aren’t necessarily for fighting, but for a better, healthier lifestyle. In a way, he said that when one begins practicing any type of martial art, one changes himself from the […]

Doctor Who: A Game And A Book

12 Doctors 12 Stories

Now the kids can also enjoy the best of Doctor Who: a new game is launched by BBC, an educative game called The Doctor and the Dalek. With this game, the children can learn the basics of programming: in other words, prepare your child for the future, because the future is here. Now, when reading […]

The Trouble With ALF


It must have been a blast being in the same room with ALF, right? After all, very shortly after the series premiered, the furry alien was found everywhere, from lunchboxes to T-shirts and even on the rearview window. But was it as funny being on the set with him as it was watching him in […]

Guest Stars On Beavis And Butthead

Beavis and Butthead do America

Stating the obvious would be that many celebrities have appeared as guest-stars in Beavis and Butthead. But I am not here to do that, just like I wouldn’t want (now) to list all those that had a cameo in this controversial series. However, I will list some of the biggest celebrities that have appeared in […]