The Cougar is Out of Her Cage


If it’s one thing that Kate Roberts-Dimera has no problem getting….it’s a man.  I mean, this woman is aiming to be matched up with Sami Brady of all people in how many men they can each get (repeated relationships included) their clutches on.  Heck, Kate’s even on her way to matching up to one famous […]

Love and the Bumpy Road


Given all the men that Sami Brady has had over the years, I must admit that I’m slightly envious of her.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a man (with all good intentions) practically pawning for you everyday, wanting to spend the rest of his life with you?  I wouldn’t give that up, that’s for sure! […]

Hope Brady: The Model of Strong Woman


Hope Williams Brady has had her share of ups and downs as her story has played out on Days of Our Lives over the years.  I mean, she’s had a somewhat alternate personality (Princess Gina), she’s been a rookie, a cop and now it seems, plays the role of detective all too well in the […]

Moving On After a Loss


With so many storylines taking over the Days of Our Lives airwaves, some viewers may tend to forget the big stories of the past months.  However, one story I can’t forget is the demise of Lexie Carver, and how her men, Abe and Theo are coping with the loss. Having Lexie die in Abe’s arms […]

Please No! No Vampires!


There isn’t any reason to have a vampire storyline on General Hospital! It might be thought to bring the vampire lovers on board but I really doubt that would happen and they would leave when the vampires leave. Having grew up with General Hospital I was happy to see the show getting back to basics […]

Why Will Horton Deserves to be a Father

will horton

Now that the truth is (finally!) out regarding Gabi’s baby, and its biological parents, it’s time for Will Horton to step up to the plate as the rightful father of Gabi’s baby, especially given Nick’s cold attitude toward Will for being the man he is.  This writer feel that William Horton has a lot of […]

The Thirst for Young Blood: Generations X and Y, the Millennial


While the first part of this article’s title may have a vampire’s tone, there are perhaps too many old and familiar characters returning to Port Charles on General Hospital these days.  Many are currently on screen, and others are scheduled to appear in the near future. It is wonderful to see some old character friends […]

Nicole Walker: My, How Times Have Changed…


Nicole Walker is one of those characters that you want to hate because of what she does (and believe me, there could be a mile-long list), but love her at the same time.  She has suffered as much heartache and devastation as the next woman in Salem, and yet, still manages to find a way […]

Has Nick Really Changed?


Once again, Days has found a way to keep me hooked on this show.  Of course, there aren’t a lot of options now as to what soaps to watch, but I digress. While my first post on this blog was about how much I loved Gabi and Nick together, I have to say that after […]

Chloe Needs Brady!


Over the years, Chloe and I have had a love hate relationship… Sometimes I love her, and sometimes I hate her.  She all but destroyed Phillip after she got so full of herself… I absolutely LOVED Chloe with Brady back when Kyle Lowder played him… their natural chemistry and voices mixed together in song made me happy. […]