McBain The New Jason?

So now there’s talk of John McBain becoming the new Jason. The three stars of OLTL will be back as new characters. Please let them be new characters and do not try to make McBain into Jason! The writers of General Hospital ask us to believe much and for the most part we happily do […]


Would Love Change Stefano?


In every soap, a villain has to be a given, because let’s face it, without one, storylines would get boring, romance would soon fall by the wayside, and we’d be left with nothing. In Salem, villains have come and gone, and yet one….always manages to rise from the dead time and time again. If you […]

Insecurity vs. Being Strong: How Days Women Handle it and How Viewers Relate


The women of Salem seem to lead a life some of us in reality would want to have—getting any guy they want, having a job, that while we’re sure they’re doing it, we never actually SEE them working, and then of course being really lucky and finding that one special person to be with….until disaster […]

GH: Welcome Home!


There will be a 50 hour marathon the end of March starting with the very first episode ever in 1963! This might be to show the younger viewers of General Hospital who’s who as they honor characters of the past. Be that as it may, for many of General Hospital’s longtime viewers it is a […]

Young Love in Salem


February is supposed to be the month of love with Valentine’s day smacked right in the middle of the calendar to remind both those that are in a relationship, as well as those who aren’t in a relationship, what that day is all about. On soaps, love plays out in so many different frames, places, […]

An Ode to General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary GH It’s your 50th year You’re the 3rd longest running soap opera Fans raise a glass and cheer When General Hospital first aired It was 1963 On April 1st, upstate New York On black and white TV There were doctors, there were nurses And then their patients too They all had personal dramas […]

Oh Daniel, I Think it’s Time for You to See a Doctor…


Hey, Dan, for being a pretty good looking doc, you sure have some brain matter that needs medical attention—and fast!  I mean, your ex-wife comes back to Salem with Parker, claims (again) it’s yours, and you just fall for it hook, line and sinker, without running DNA tests or anything? Come on, already, you should […]

Dear Brady, When Did Stupid Become Your New Name?


I know that I’ve written in the past about Brady and his entourage of women as of late, but I think given the new storylines he is getting involved with, it’s only fair to bring him up again, with a new angle of course. It still amazes me that no matter how much his family […]

To Relish the Pickle-Lila Secret


ELQ Enterprises is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles and owned by the wealthy Quartermaine family on General Hospital.  Although some mistakenly believe it stands for Edward and Lila Quartermaine, ELQ stands for Edward Louis Quartermaine. The business of ELQ has not been precisely revealed, except that it participates in company takeovers, the purchase […]