General Hospital Then And Now


You all know that General Hospital has been around for a very long time and has even garnered a lot of awards. Tagged as one of the longest running American soap operas, General Hospital has become a staple for many television enthusiasts. But as the years pass, there have been a lot of drastic changes […]

GH: Reappearance of the Old Cast

Duke 2

The recent episodes of the General Hospital have been through a complete turnaround, and it’s definitely a great thing (or not so much). With the appearance of Cesar Faison and Robert Scorpio, the audience is given the assurance that all the subsequent episodes will even be more appetizing. The return of the old cast will […]

Jason’s And Sam’s Love Story: What Happens Now

Jasam 2

Despite Jason’s unsolved murder and apparent exit from General Hospital, a lot of fans, including myself think that Steve Burton’s sudden disappearance from the soap is a great loss. In fact, many are still hoping that he would reappear and be with Sam again since their love story is one of the best on the […]

AJ’s Return: New Plot Twists And Expectations


Bringing back the character of AJ (Alan Quartermaine, Jr.) into General Hospital has caused a lot of debate, especially on whether this will be good for the show or not. Early in the show, it was established that AJ was born in the midst of a ruthless snowstorm. During this time, his mother Monica, who […]

Why I Think THE Jason Morgan Chose to Leave

Jason Morgan - Steve Burton 2

General Hospital, as a lot of people know, is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running soap opera in America that is currently in production.  Millions of fans wait for new episodes every week.  Many of the members of the cast have been tagged as favorites by the fans and they […]

Steve Burton Dilemma: The Good and the Bad

Jason Morgan 2

General Hospital fans are quite concerned about Steve Burton’s departure from the show. After all, even though there have been several actors who portrayed the soap’s most memorable mobster, Steve Burton is perfect for the job both in terms of his looks and mannerisms. In this sense, instead of replacing him with another actor right […]

Recent Surprise and Plot Twists: Exciting or Frustrating?


Yes, General Hospital has been making a big killing at the ratings these past few weeks, thanks to Sam’s baby switch.  This is also due to the big viewer share that is comprised mainly of, yes you’ve guessed it right, women!  But let us have a simple rundown of what happened at GH on the […]

Steve Burton, A Biography

young steve burton

Jack Stephen Burton was born in Indianapolis Indiana on June 28, 1970.  He was the only child of Tory Burton and Jack Burton.  The two divorced and Steve lived with his mother who was an optician. They lived in Cleveland and Chicago while he was growing up.   When he was 16 he went to visit […]

General Hospital – JaSam


Jason Morgan and Sam McCall are one crazy, mixed up couple.  Over the years their lives have been filled with one adventure after another.  In the beginning they had a typical love hate relationship.  Neither could stand the other.  Next the relationship developed into friends and finally the friendship blossomed into love. Considering the history […]

General Hospital’s John Ingle (Quartermaine) A Fine Character

edward featured

Edward Quartermaine – One of the most memorable characters on General Hospital – passed away last September 16th.  Well, the actor playing him – John Ingle – passed away. Ingle played the character of Edward around 1993 after David Lewis (the original Edward) left the show. Until his death, Ingle was still the one playing […]