Catching Up on the Latest: Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful 2

The latest on this series focuses on Katie and how she has lost her mind. Katie has decided to leave both her son and Taylor. She tells both Bill and Brooke that getting pregnant is a huge mistake and that leaving is the best option for her right now. Bill and Brooke both stop her […]

Will Liam and Hope Ever Get Back Together?

hope featured bold and beautiful

The answer to the title is an unequivocal yes, at least for me. I mean, do we even have to debate on that? Liam and Hope are practically what soap operas are!  They are the lifeblood of these shows: a pair of star-crossed lovers who are continually separated by a gazillion factors. I don’t even […]

The Bold and the Beautiful, What Do We Know?

bold and beautiful

When it was created “The Bold and the Beautiful” was originally titled Rags The show premiered March 23, 1987 In the CBS daytime soaps lineup “The Bold and the Beautiful” replaced the soap opera Capitol The show is just called Beautiful in Italy “The Bold and The Beautiful” is sometimes called just B&B In 1987 […]