Who Watches The Waltons Nowadays?

The Waltons

One of the iconic TV shows who fascinated the public throughout the 1970s, The Waltons remains one of the most re-watched Hallmark series. There is really nothing to object to this superbly realized family drama. Seeing how inspiring it is to countless viewers, the slightest attempt to bring it down is exposed as a superficial […]

The Waltons’ Family Pets

The Waltons

Are you sure you know all about The Waltons? There are quite a few animals (and critters) that appear in the show, almost all of them just during one episode. However, this comes to show how genuine was the life depicted in the series. Obviously, the first pet to be remembered is Reckless, who was […]

The Nostalgic Waltons

The Waltons

Not at all an original concept, The Waltons managed to remain on air for no less than nine seasons, during a time when shows which presented the lives of rural communities (in a rather self-sufficient way) were in decline. This, in a way, is an understatement, since the period in which the show was aired […]

The World’s Oldest Hippie

Will Geer is Zeb in The Waltons

Called by his peers the world’s oldest hippie, Will Geer had an imposing figure even in the literal sense of the word: he stood 6’2’’ tall and weighed 230 pounds. You couldn’t have missed him even if you wanted when he was on the set. But why was he called like that? As he says […]

Earl Hamner Storyteller

The Waltons

This year will see the release of the Earl Hamner Storyteller documentary, a film about the creator of The Waltons. As he said, a good storyteller will always be able to handle any kind of group and tell all kinds of stories – but this will be his story, told from the perspective of all […]

The Waltons – Three Classic Epsiodes


The thing I liked best about “The Waltons” series was the fact that all the episodes were wholesome and family oriented.  They were shows the entire household could watch and enjoy together. These are just a few of the shows that I particularly liked: “The Carnival”, 1972 The children in the Walton family had been […]

The Waltons A Classic TV Family

The waltons

The Waltons  TV series tells the story of a family living in Walton’s Mountain in the Virginia countryside during the Depression and World War II.  The show is based on a book by Earl Hammer, Jr. titled Spencer’s Mountain and a film of the same name.  The series ran for nine seasons from 1972 till […]