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Sure, Lonesome Dove is a critique brought to the myth of the Old West, a critique brought to the way people thought and looked at cowboys – they aren’t the supernatural-like heroes, they are men just like everybody else. But that doesn’t mean at all that Lonesome Dove doesn’t include scenes just like one would […]

A Western That All Women Love

Lonesome Dove

By force of habit, we tend to attach a gender to all movies. Even if we’re not aware, we’re inclined to believe westerns, for instance, are much more appreciated by men, whereas romantic comedies are pigeonholed girl movies. We end up making our choices by such unarticulated yet effective beliefs. The uniqueness of Lonesome Dove […]

A Critique Of The Old West Myth

Lonesome Dove

With Lonesome Dove, the meaning of the expression old west changes – we aren’t talking any longer about a golden age of discovery, about fights between the American cavalry and Indians, or about anything else seen in the more traditional westerns. Instead we are talking about the old men of the west. We have under […]

The Life On The Frontier

Lonesome Dove

As producer Bill Wittliff remembers, Lonesome Dove had no chances of being a success, neither with the viewers nor the critics. At that time, in 1989 when the western mini-series aired, the western genre was dead and gone. At the same time, what worked even less than westerns were the TV miniseries – so you […]

Danny Glover: 25 Years after Lonesome Dove

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Some acting careers can go down the drain if an actor takes a wrong part. This was not the case for Daniel Lebern Glover. Danny Glover is known by memorable roles as Mr. Albert Johnson in The Color Purple, Michael Harrigan in Predator 2, Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon and Detective David Tapp […]

Breaking Away from Lonesome Dove

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Tommy Lee Jones is known for his blockbusting movies such as The Fugitive, Under Siege, Men in Black and U.S Marshals broke away from Lonesome Dove in 1989. Mr. Jones graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1969. Tommy moved to New York and made his Broadway in “A Patriot for […]

Duvall’s problems with lonesome dove

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Duval had a problem with the  Lonesome Dove cast. They need to make last moment casting changes.  His main problem with the casting was one small but pivotal role: that of Blue Duck. As you well, know Blue Duck returns to terrorize Gus and the other members of the Hat Creek Cattle Co. as they […]

Meet Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove

When most people think of Lonesome Dove, they think of the Miniseries or even the Movie. Lonesome Dove was a novel by Larry McMurtry before anything else. Who are this mysterious Larry McMurtry and what does have to do with Lonesome Dove? Come on this journey and discover some amazing gems behind the Lonesome Dove. […]

Amazing Facts and Fun Trivia About Lonesome Dove

Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove was a television miniseries that aired in 1989. It was a western television series about two cattle ranchers who have at first decided to retire on a ranch in Lonesome Dove, Texas. However, a friend of theirs pops into town and tells them all about the ranching opportunities in Montana. Because this gets […]

Lonesome Dove Intriguing Factoids!


Below are a few factoids that a true Lonesome Dove aficionado should know. How many of the intriguing tidbits below do you already know? If not, well you read it here first! Ratings Lonesome Dove aired on CBS. The first part was optimistically set to rate 23 shares. When it first aired, Lonesome Dove snatched […]