Little House On The Prairie – A Movie By…

Little House on the Prairie

We all know that Sean Durkin was attached to direct a Little House on the Prairie movie, so we know that it will be a dark psychological thriller. However, what if… … Michael Bay directed it? Well, then the little house would be a giant mansion and the prairie would be actually Beverly Hills. Nicolas […]

The Last Farewell

Little House on the Prairie

Rarely does a series finale end up with a bang, let alone with a literal one. Little House on the Prairie did that with The Last Farewell, the series’ last episode seeing the town of Walnut Grove being razed from the face of the Earth. As New York Times noted in 1986 (two years after […]

Sylvia – The Horrors of a Small Town

Little House on the Prairie

Life did have its surprises in Little House on the Prairie, even if the action of the series took place in a smaller town. The two-part episode Sylvia proved just that – although we believed that we came to know everybody until season 7, we were proved wrong. It was as if the small town […]

Little House on the Prairie: The Movie

Little House on the Prairie

For quite a while now, since 2012, there have been talks about reviving Little House on the Prairie for the silver screen. However, we haven’t heard anything about this project for quite some time. But news has just dropped in regarding a new director for the movie adaptation: now Sean Durkin is in talks to […]

The Terrifying Little House On The Prairie

Little House on the Prairie

Sometimes criticized for depicting an idyllic life in the prairie (when the conditions were actually very harsh), Little House on the Prairie didn’t lack the scenes and moments when it instilled genuine terror into the viewer’s mind. And the best one to make you jump from your seat was by far Michael Landon, who probably […]

Remastering Little House On the Prairie, Season 3

Little House on the Prairie Season 3

40 years after Little House on the Prairie debuted on NBC the studio is now bringing up to date the series with remastered deluxe editions. Now they have reached season 3, which can be bought as a Blu-ray edition with one special feature. The entire season with its 21 episodes can be found on these […]

More Than a Family-Friendly Series

Little House on the Prairie

You cannot watch or revisit Little House on the Prairie without a sense of nostalgia taking over. May it be the fact that you have watched the show as a young person, may it be the fact that it presents a distinct (and somewhat altered) vision of the old days, the show manages to drag […]

Little House On the Prairie – 3 Episodes

Little House- whisper country 1978

Watching an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” really held your interest throughout the entire show.  You knew before the show started that it would be based on some family values and would be something for the entire family to enjoy.  Here are 3 of the episodes I consider favorites: “Whisper Country”, 1978 Rev. […]

Michael Landon Classic TV Icon


The first TV starring role for Michael Landon was in “Bonanza”.   He played the youngest son and hot head, Little Joe Cartwright.  Michael Landon was just 22.  “Bonanza ran for 14 seasons and Michael Landon stayed with the series throughout its run. During the years of “Bonanza” little Joe Cartwright with his good looks turned […]

Little House On The Prairie An American Classic

little house on the prairie

Little House on the Prairie was a TV western series loosely based on the Little House books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It was the story of a family in the 1800s living on a farm in Walnut Grove Minnesota. The story was directed by Michael Landon who also played the role of  the father […]