From John Wayne to John Wayne – The Circle of Career

James Arness's Matt Dillon

For James Arness, starring in Gunsmoke was the chance of a lifetime. The merits of Arness’s acting aside, Matt Dillon was not only the best thing that happened to Arness: it was also the longest-standing character he impersonated. The longevity of the show – two decades, which made it one of the lengthiest American TV […]

Gunsmoke Facts

Gunsmoke's Matt and Doc

One of the most interesting things about Gunsmoke was that it did pay homage to the real Dodge City of the period. As a fact, the Long Branch Saloon which can be seen in almost every episode of the show was one of the central places of the city when it was first established. There […]

The Cabin


Having run for so long, it was meant that Gunsmoke would have some of its episodes being actually remakes of the previous radio show. One of these episodes is The Cabin, which was aired on the 22nd of February 1958. It is the 24th episode of the 3rd season and most of the fans think […]

Life in Dodge City


The longest-running television western, Gunsmoke is also referred as a game changer, since it altered the way the western shows were seen until it first aired. Before, any western was supposed to have panoramic shots, or massive herds of cattle roaming all around, or Indians fighting the US cavalry – these were a must and […]

Charles Bronson’s Killer

Charles Bronson in Gunsmoke

Known especially for playing the good guy, Charles Bronson became famous for portraying flawlessly Harmonica in Once Upon A Time in the West. However, he did have his fair share of villainous roles, one of them being in Gunsmoke’s episode The Killer (season 1, episode 28). Besides this episode, the tough-guy to go to also […]

Gunsmoke – When Burt Reynolds Happened on the Set

Gunsmoke cast with a young Burt Reynolds

The Gunsmoke cast was nothing else than a family on the set, with everybody having a place for themselves, whether it was a leading role or not. And then the blacksmith half breed Quint appeared on the show, outshining some of the other actors. Burt Reynolds was a newcomer not just on the set, but […]

Gunsmoke: 635 Episodes With James Arness

James Arness as Matt Dillon

In a world where most of the producers believe that the best achievement would be stretching a series for as long as 10 seasons, Gunsmoke sure showed them all how things should be done. Not only did it last for 20 seasons, but it is also the longest-running prime-time drama (at a tie with Law […]

How Gunsmoke Pushed the Boundaries of Western Fiction in New, Progressive Ways


When Gunsmoke was released for the very first time as a radio show, the scope of ambition from the producers and the writers have always been apparent. The transition that happened from the radio show to the TV show has made a lot of changes, more notably on how the main character, Marshall Matt Dillon, […]

Gunsmoke: Digging Deeper into Marshall Dillon and Kitty Russell


As an Old-Western drama, nothing beats Gunsmoke when it comes to hard-boiled realism and sophisticated writing, and part of it can be attributed to the strong characterization of its two protagonists, Marshall Matt Dillon and the ever fascinating Kitty Russell. The nature of the relationship between these two characters always led to a whole gamut […]

Gunsmoke Challenge


Test Your Knowledge by Taking the Gunsmoke Challenge and discover your Gunsmoke Skill Level and your honorary status in Dodge City Questions: 1- What years did Gunsmoke run? a. 1920-1930 b. 1929-1939 c. 1950-1972 d. 1955-1975 2- What years did the radio version of Gunsmoke run? a. 1900-1919 b. 1920-1932 c. 1952-1961 d. 1945-1950 3- […]