Walter White: Power Addict

Breaking Bad (Season 5)

Walter White, aka The Great Heisenberg, is an addict.  Not a drug addict, of course; he may be the manufacturer of the highest-quality methamphetamine on the market, but he never touches the stuff himself, as we all know. Despite this fact, he is an addict, nonetheless.  Even if his own unbelievably pure, crystal blue product […]

Raymond Burr As Perry Mason


Raymond Burr was a Canadian born actor probably best known for his TV roles in Perry Mason and Ironsides. In 1959 and 1961 he won Emmy Awards for his role as Perry Mason.  For his role in Ironsides he was nominated for the Emmy Awards six times and for the Golden Globe Award twice. Raymond […]

Three Classic Perry Mason Episodes


Perry Mason was always one of my all-time favorite television series.  Watching Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake solve their cases each week was totally enjoyable viewing.  Here is just a glimpse into three of their shows: “The Case of the Fickle Fortune”, 1961 An honest (if not too bright) civil servant, Ralph Duncan goes […]

Three Favorite Kojak Episodes


A good way to spend some time relaxing  was watching a “Kojak” episode.  I would sit down, prop my feet up and  enjoy a dish of ice cream while I watched the program. Telly Savalas and his fellow cast members  always provided thought provoking entertainment.  Theo and Crocker and Capt. McNeil were  on the job […]

Rockford Files – Favorite Supporting Characters


The Rockford Files series starred private investigator Jim Rockford (played by James Garner) who is far from your average, everyday PI. The main character doesn’t make the whole show, however. The fact is that some of the longest-standing shows today don’t just have interesting leads but also interesting supporting characters. The Rockford Files definitely featured […]

Dragnet: Just The Facts Ma’am

friday and gannon

Just the facts is a phrase associated with Joe Friday from “Dragnet” We remember too Joe Friday saying at the beginning of each show “This is the city: Los Angeles, California. I work here I carry a badge. “Dragnet” was a realistic police drama starring Jack Webb as Joe Friday and Henry Morgan as his […]

Several Favorite Episodes of Columbo


There really are no Columbo stories I haven’t enjoyed watching and I think I‘ve probably seen them all.  It was hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorites: “Lovely But Lethal”, Season 3, 1973 co-starring Vera Miles and Martin Sheen. The Beauty Mark cosmetic empire is run by Viveca Scott an extremely […]

Della Street, The Perfect Secretary

della street

Beautiful, intelligent, efficient, charming, loyal, well dressed.  These are only a few of the words which could be used to describe Della Street (Barbara Hale).  As you know, Della was confidential secretary to the famous attorney Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) in the TV series “Perry Mason”. During the late 50s and early to mid-60s Della […]

Perry Mason, Attorney Extraordinaire

perry mason

Probably the most successful defense attorney on TV to grace a court of law was Perry Mason (Raymond Burr)  Over the course of his career he lost very few of his almost 300 cases.  The original Perry Mason Show played on CBS from 1957 to 1966 and was based on stories by Earl Stanley Gardner. […]

Magnum PI The Detective For The 80′s

magnum pi

Magnum P.I. was a television detective series running on CBS from 1980 to 1988. The show centered around Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) who was a private investigator living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Magnum did not like being called a P.I. preferring the more formal title of private investigator. Magnum lives in the […]