Gomer Pyle aka Jim Nabors

gomer pyle

Gomer Pyle,  really Jim Nabors, was discovered by Andy Griffith when he was working at The Horn in Santa Monica California.  Nabors was singing and doing a comedy act with a character similar to Gomer Pyle.   At Griffith’s request Jim Nabors  joined the Andy Griffith Show. In the Andy Griffith Show Jim Nabors plays Gomer […]

Samantha and Jeannie Made Wishes Come True

i dream of jeannie

From the mid sixties till the early seventies there were two very different yet similar TV programs featuring magical women.  The first to appear was “Bewitched” in l964.  This show featured a witch, Samantha, (Elizabeth Montgomery) who marries a mere mortal man and tries to be a normal housewife.  Although she looks young it is […]

The Munsters An Average American Family!

the munsters

The Munsters was a family comedy show in the mid 1960s.  They were a blue collar family of strange monsters who thought they were pretty normal people.  The family was made up of Herman (Fred Gwynne), the father, Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), his wife, their son Eddie, Niece Marilyn  and Grandpa. My personal favorite was […]

The Lovelife of Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan

Houlihan and Burns

Every fan of MASH knows exactly how they feel about the strong female character Major Margaret”Hot Lips” Houlihan, the top nurse for the Army Nurse Corps of the 4077. We see her scream at the men, get even with those who have done her wrong, stand her ground and still appear to be an extremely […]

Leave It To Beaver A Window In Time


If there had been such a thing as a reality show back in the late 1950s or 1960s,  Leave It to Beaver would have fit the bill.  The show depicted life in a typical middle class suburban family as seen through the eyes of a child (Beaver). The family consisted of June and Ward Cleaver […]

A MASH Tragedy: The Death Of Henry Blake

MASH Death of Henry Blake

There are those of us who watch the reruns of MASH, see Henry Blake and feel we’re watching a friend. The McLean Stevenson character Henry Blake seemed to be the type of person you saw in your neighborhood and would talk to while waiting for your car to be serviced or wave at when you […]