Some Interesting (and Funny) I Love Lucy Facts

I Love Lucy

Everybody loves Lucy, whether it is Lucy Ricardo or Lucille Ball. But did you know these? You were not the only one to have enjoyed her show. When on tour, the king of Rock and Roll himself watched the episodes. Elvis said that when he was travelling through America in 1954 he didn’t want to […]

The Nurses of M.A.S.H.

Hot Lips and Radar

While only one nurse was credited as a main character (Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan) because she was the head nurse, there was a large number of other nurses that appeared throughout the series. Some of them had no lines at all, being nothing else than extras in the background, while some of them had […]

A Slow Change Of Pace

The Honeymooners

When the Classic 39 debuted, it was still an early moment in the life of television, especially when considering that this was one of the first sitcoms. Given the social context (in which families moved to the suburbs and the good jobs were the corporate ones), Honeymooners can be considered as belonging exactly to this […]

63 Years of I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball

On the 15th of October 1951, I Love Lucy began spreading the laughter with its first episode. 63 years have passed since then, and to this day this is considered one of the best television shows. Until this day, I Love Lucy is still funny and a paradigm as to how a comedy series should […]

The Energetic Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend was not only the line which opened the theme song for The Golden Girls, but also the premise of the show: 4 senior women came together as friends and became a real family. The series was also one of the first to feature such characters, in a setting which […]

Killing Henry Blake

Henry Blake played by McLean Stevenson

Without a doubt, M.A.S.H. set the bar pretty high for all the shows that followed, with multiple subplots during half-an-hour episodes, with comedy and drama mixed to great effect. But, during its 11 seasons, the series changed its cast many times, with some of the changes remaining in the history of all television shows – […]

A Fond Look at Sophia Petrillo

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Golden Girls always had its fans in tears from laughing or even from the heartwarming moments. The energies of the stars made the show, click on a deeper level than many other shows during the mid-80s. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty each brought a certain level of charm and charisma to […]

A Happy Burst Of Chaos

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy was an immediate sensation as soon as it debuted on television. Perfectly fitting those days’ requirements (as far as the TV shows are concerned), the series abounded with domestic images, in which the family and the home were at the center. The viewers wanted to see these things, and I Love Lucy […]

M.A.S.H.: The Dramedy

Best Care Anywhere

While this might seem a made-up word, it isn’t: it is a subgenre in which drama and comedy are intertwined in order to create something new, in the lines of tragicomedies. It is particularly a television subgenre, which can be seen especially in long-running shows. And M.A.S.H. falls exactly between these lines. And it is […]

The Honeymooners: A Blueprint For Success

The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners was a simple show, by today’s standards, which revolved around the same narrative, but presented it from a different perspective, with other details than the previous times: a simple recipe for a successful series. However, back when the show debuted, having a simple plot meant something, since television was at its beginning (as […]