What Does It Take to Love Lucy Nowadays?

I Love Lucy

In a number of ways, I Love Lucy was a successful effort of innovating the art and craft of TV shows back in the 1950s. Two of the most quoted merits of the show are the fact it was the first to be shot in front of a live audience. Also, it brought unprecedented attention […]

Behind The Scenes Of I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball

If you didn’t know this, the story of I Love Lucy almost didn’t make it on the air, because the studio didn’t find a sponsor for the show. Eventually, tobacco giant Philip Morris agreed to finance the sitcom in the 12th hour. In exchange for that, each episode had to feature some of the characters […]

Some Interesting (and Funny) I Love Lucy Facts

I Love Lucy

Everybody loves Lucy, whether it is Lucy Ricardo or Lucille Ball. But did you know these? You were not the only one to have enjoyed her show. When on tour, the king of Rock and Roll himself watched the episodes. Elvis said that when he was travelling through America in 1954 he didn’t want to […]

63 Years of I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball

On the 15th of October 1951, I Love Lucy began spreading the laughter with its first episode. 63 years have passed since then, and to this day this is considered one of the best television shows. Until this day, I Love Lucy is still funny and a paradigm as to how a comedy series should […]

A Happy Burst Of Chaos

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy was an immediate sensation as soon as it debuted on television. Perfectly fitting those days’ requirements (as far as the TV shows are concerned), the series abounded with domestic images, in which the family and the home were at the center. The viewers wanted to see these things, and I Love Lucy […]

Lucille Ball – A Lesson Well Learned

We Love Lucy

While more than 60 years have passed since the show debuted, the lessons we learned from I Love Lucy will never go out of date. Sure, Lucille Ball made us all laugh, but it wasn’t just for the sake of laughing – this would have meant nothing if some statements weren’t made. And the most […]

I Love Lucy Live on Stage

I Love Lucy

While it lasted only 6 seasons on CBS (followed by 13 one hour specials), I Love Lucy has gathered quite a few followers, as well as the recognition of the movie industry. Thus, the show had 21 awards and nominations under its belt while it was aired, while also being voted as the best TV […]

I Love Lucy Points Of Interest

i love lucy vitaeatavegamin

We all loved watching the antics of Lucy and Ethel.  And we could all sympathize with their long suffering husbands Ricky and Fred.  But did we know “I Love Lucy” was based on the radio show “My Favorite Husband” The first choice of Lucy and Desi to play Fred and Ethel Mertz were Gale Gordon […]