The Grim Narrative behind The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners

There seems to be a consensus of opinion about The Honeymooners: a classic comedy show from the 1950s, ranking exceptionally well in both viewers’ preferences and all-time tops of such productions. On top of that, most sitcom aficionados see in The Honeymooners a predecessor of nowadays comedy shows which embrace a highly praised theme: nothing […]

The Honeymooners And The Age Of Consumerism

Ed, Ralph and Alice

As said in some previous articles, The Honeymooners wasn’t at all without a hard core – it spoke not just about the life in the society, but also about the life of the blue-collar family. The show presented the life of the working man, with this working man still trying to prove that he deserves […]

Relating With Ralph Kramden

Audrey Meadows And Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners

When The Honeymooners started airing in the mid-‘50’s, it was the show with which the male audience related the most. Granted, not just men watched it, just like it wasn’t the only show that attracted such audience. But the point is that the Jackie Gleason’s masterpiece was the one which was addressing exactly the men’s […]

A Slow Change Of Pace

The Honeymooners

When the Classic 39 debuted, it was still an early moment in the life of television, especially when considering that this was one of the first sitcoms. Given the social context (in which families moved to the suburbs and the good jobs were the corporate ones), Honeymooners can be considered as belonging exactly to this […]

The Honeymooners: A Blueprint For Success

The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners was a simple show, by today’s standards, which revolved around the same narrative, but presented it from a different perspective, with other details than the previous times: a simple recipe for a successful series. However, back when the show debuted, having a simple plot meant something, since television was at its beginning (as […]

Remembering Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners

Jackie Gleason, in an interview at 60 Minutes, was asked why The Honeymooners are still so popular: Because they were funny. It is clear and simple. Nowadays, any actor or better yet any artist could consider his career fulfilled if he came up with one single enduring piece of work. Jackie Gleason had 39: the […]

Honeymooners: A Musical

The Honeymooners

A simple premise is always a guarantee for success, especially in the cases of the TV comedy series. This is also the case of The Honeymooners, who followed the struggles of two working-men trying to strike gold through various schemes. While it lasted for just one season, The Honeymooners gathered the following of many fans, […]

The Honeymooners Classic Television

Ralph Kramden

“One of these days…POW! Right in the kisser”.  An empty threat from Ralph Kramden to his wife Alice.  She invariably replied to this threat with “Ahhh, shut up”.  Another of Ralph’s favorite phrases was “To the moon, Alice”. The Honeymooners was a series based on a working class couple, the Kramdens, and their best friends, […]