What ‘School Violence’ In Mayberry Looked Like


I am 52 years old and can remember a kinder, gentler, easier going era, where people didn’t take guns into an elementary school and murder innocent children.  As I watched the news coverage of the Connecticut tragedy, I couldn’t help but think of the town of Mayberry. You know how when you are being too […]

A Special Town Called Mayberry


Mayberry was the fictitious town from the Andy Griffith series and the home town of Gomer Pyle in Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Unlike today, in Mayberry everyone knew your name and everyone respected their neighbor.  It was a much slower pace of life where family life and friends were of utmost importance.  People respected each other […]

Gomer Pyle aka Jim Nabors

gomer pyle

Gomer Pyle,  really Jim Nabors, was discovered by Andy Griffith when he was working at The Horn in Santa Monica California.  Nabors was singing and doing a comedy act with a character similar to Gomer Pyle.   At Griffith’s request Jim Nabors  joined the Andy Griffith Show. In the Andy Griffith Show Jim Nabors plays Gomer […]