Golden Men

Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak

Our four golden ladies were wonderful in their own right, now doubt, but without the right supporting cast and crew, they would never have been able to pull off some of their infamous stunts and even funnier lines! Enter Herb Edleman and Harold Gould!  Their recurring roles on the Golden Girls gave us added enjoyment, […]

Under the Knife

Our Golden Girls

Everyone wants to look their best!  People spend tons of money on going to the salon, cutting and coloring their hair, manicures and pedicures.  Woman smear makeup on their faces (myself included) to jazz up their appearance and make them feel beautiful! Others go a more drastic route and diet, or workout to achieve a […]

Golden Obsession

Elvis impersonators at Sophia's wedding!

Everybody has at least one, maybe even more!  Obsessions!  They can be for fun, for a hobby, out of interest or they can also be not so fun, scary, dangerous and even deadly!  Our favorite girls were no different! One obsession we all know and love about our ladies was their obsession for cheesecake!  I […]

Sergeant Zbornak

Bea Arthur as a young Marine!

Having just recently celebrating the 4th of July, I am reminded of our country’s military and the many, many sacrifices they have made over the course of America’s history! Ever grateful for their dedication and willingness to serve, all through the ranks, whether they are Privates or Generals, we have much to be thankful for! […]


A young Estelle Getty

There is much to learn about our beloved Estelle Getty!  One thing we do know is that she was incredible, especially as our favorite golden mother, Sophia Petrillo! In our favorite TV series of all time, Estelle’s character, Sophia was a witty, sharp tongued, sarcastic, firecracker of a woman!  She made us laugh almost to […]

Loving Rue

Rue McClanahan on her wedding day to Morrow Wilson

Blanche or Rue or Eddi-Rue or whatever else you might know her by, breathed her last breath on June 3 2010, after suffering from a stroke.  Much like her beloved character on the mega-hit TV series, The Golden Girls, she lived her life to the fullest and full of men! She even wrote a book […]

And The Winner Is…

Betty White; lover of animals!

Betty White has been quoted as saying “Of all the characters I have ever played, Rose Nylund is my favorite.”  Well of course she was!  Not only was ‘Rose’ a part of the dynamic foursome that was The Golden Girls, she was a loving, caring, most of the time naive, and always simple minded character […]

White Wedding

golden girls dot's wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  The bride, the groom, the cake, music, flowers…all the elements coming together to make one perfect, romantic day for a couple of lovers getting ready to take their vows, exchange rings and start a new life together!  What’s not to like about that? Our golden ladies, Blanche, Dorothy, Rose […]

Craft Is The Word

Rue McClanahan working on a quilt she started while appearing on Maude.

I am not sure I have a favorite Golden Girl.  I guess I always leaned towards liking Blanche the best, followed by Sophia.  As I got older and continued to watch the shows, the episodes and the characters took on new meanings for me.  Although I love them all, Blanche, well actually Rue, has taken […]

Mom’s The Word

Bill Engvall once guest starred as Blanche's son on The Golden Palace

I am ever so grateful to still have my mother in my life!  At a very young age, my Mom along with her sister and brother lost their mother, my grandmother.  My Grandmother was only 39 years of age at the time of her death from Leukemia.  My cousins and I never knew her. So each day […]