Best Moments With Andy Griffith

Andy and Opie

The fact that there are no color episodes included in here is not strange at all – not just the critics, but also the fans, believe that the Andy Griffith Show completely changed after they switched from black and white to color. For example, Andy himself went from being calm, strong and wise to being […]

Fun Facts With Andy Griffith

Andy and Opie

The first thing to be said is that Andy Griffith secured the co-ownership of the program, even if the concept of the show wasn’t his own. Until starring in The Andy Griffith Show, the actor only pursued roles in movies, with only two appearances in TV shows. This is cool, because this way he could […]

The Moral Stance Of The Sitcom

The Andy Griffith Show

TV shows, sitcoms included, are a reflection – whether more or less accurate, this is still up for debate – of the values cultivated by the society they address to. They reflect, but they also educate, reinforcing and validating whatever values they capitalize on in order to appeal to the public. The Andy Griffith Show, […]

The Rural Revolution With Andy Griffith

The Andy Griffith Show

One of the most successful series of the 1960’s, The Andy Griffith Show was a situational comedy which followed the line of what has become to be known as the rural revolution of the American television shows. This rural revolution can be described as a return to the golden age, when the action took place […]

Leaving Behind a Legacy


Andy Griffith is a legend in all rights. His lost was a devastating blow to friends and fans alike back in 2012. As a TV legend, he has 53 credits to his name and as an actor; he earned 12 credits for appearances. This small town hero from Mount Airy, North Carolina left us a […]

Funny Man in the South Pacific

Live and in Charge

When WWII came, Don’s education was interrupted for a brief time for a stint with the Army Special Services Branch, entertaining the troops in the South Pacific as a comedian in the Stars and Gripes revue. Following demobilization, Don returned to college, graduating with a degree in theater in 1948.Don Knox’s was in the military […]

A Few Little Known Fun Facts About The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith and son Opie going fishing

The Andy Griffith Show aired between 1960 and 1968. It was a fun classic comedy about a few people from a little town called Mayberry in North Carolina. The main character was Andy who was not only a widower but the sheriff of the small town. He lived with his son, Opie and his aunt […]

Allan Melvin: Mayberry’s Multiple Personality Disorder Character


Fans of the Andy Griffith show immediately recognize the supporting characters like Otis, Floyd, and Goober, and many know the names of the actors that portrayed them (Hal Smith, Howard McNair, and George Lindsay, respectively), but when asked which character Allan Melvin portrayed, they will often stop and scratch their heads a bit. Some will […]

Did Ernest T. Bass Kill Osama Bin Laden?

Ernst T 1

The recent Memorial Day weekend made me appreciate even more the job our men and women of the arm services have done for us in the past…and continues to do.   I couldn’t help think back to the men in uniform on the Andy Griffith Show. Of course, Andy and Barney in their sheriff and deputy […]

Beaming Down to Mayberry

Mayberry Trek

No doubt many of you went out this past weekend to see Star Trek Into Darkness, the latest Trek movie to hit the big screen. I thought the release of this new film was a golden opportunity to reflect on my favorite episode of the original Star Trek series, “The City on the Edge of […]