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Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven

The last film from Clint Eastwood’s impressive filmography that I have revisited is Unforgiven, but you surely must have guessed that name even from the title. After all, it sums up perfectly what the entire film says: no matter what, we all end up the same way. Clint Eastwood has been called a living legend […]

The High And The Mighty John Wayne

The High And The Mighty

John Wayne is known for its many westerns and WWII movies, movies which shaped him into a legendary actor known for his grit. But The High and the Mighty isn’t one of this movies – it can be considered one of his (more or less) hidden gems. The plot is quite simple and it resembles […]

A Look at Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper

chris kyle

Clint Eastwood has been back at work working on a new movie “American Sniper,” an autobiographical account from the book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the most Lethal Sniper in U.S Military History,” written by Chris Kyle, a former US Navy SEAL sniper.  Mr. Kyle served four tours in Iraq with a confirmed 160 kills. […]

What The Fifth Element Got Right

Bruce and Milla MultiPass

Not at all a classic, The Fifth Element does abound in rich images and even more. While the screenplay does seem to be written by a teenager, we get a glimpse of how society can be in the 23rd century. Sometimes over the top, sometimes visionary, some of these scenarios have proven to be true. […]

The Green Berets and John Wayne

photo credit: Fort Bragg via photopin cc

John Wayne forever remembered as a Great American and patriot helped direct one of the greatest propaganda films in the 1960’s. The Vietnam War reached its pinnacle and John Wayne was gravely concerned over the anti-war mood in the United States. He wanted to produce a film that gave a pro military position. He obtained […]

Duke University Wins Round over Legacy Name

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The battle over the name “Duke” started in 2005 between John Wayne enterprises and Duke University in North Carolina. Since 05, the heirs of John Wayne have tried to trademark the name “Duke” unsuccessfully. The University complained last year over the heirs tried to market the name “Duke” on alcoholic beverages. The University complained the […]

Is the Fifth Element a Sexist Film

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The feminist journal Women’s Studies in Communication considered sexist to be one of the film’s main themes. They say the film has eliminated women from the introductory scenes, by pointing out Leeloo’s remaking the second time a woman showed up in the movie after 20 minutes. They claim women make appearances in the film, their […]

Clint’s Heart to Heart with Son Scott

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Clint Eastwood recently offered his son, Scott some valuable advice. They shared a few moments together. Scott has definitely decided to follow in the wake of his father and has said this to NBC’s “Today, “his dad was more concerned about what sort of person he’d become.” In another interview, Scott said, “My dad didn’t […]

Elvis and his passion for Cadillacs

Elvis and Priscilla

A couple of days ago, one of Elvis’s most prized Cadillac cars was sold to a private collector: the 1967 red Coupe de Ville was sold for about $90,000, this being the car in which the King drove to Graceland after marrying Priscilla. The car is worth all the money: it is in perfect condition […]

Through the Camera Lens with Clint Eastwood

Lights, Camera, Action

Clint Eastwood a worldwide known actor has been directing films and producing shows as early as Rawhide. What would it be like to look through the camera lens for one day as Clint Eastwood? This one shot and cut styled director has directed at least 20 films and appeared in 55 of them as well. […]