The Essence of Being John Wayne

John Wayne in True Grit

There is a scene in True Grit which presents the essence of the American hero: John Wayne’s Rooster Cogburn faces of with a gang of bad guys, all alone, ultimately managing to defeat them all. It is a splendid shot, in which it is pretty clear who has the best chances of actually getting out […]

John Wayne’s The Searchers

John Wayne in The Searchers

In his first role as an anti-hero, John Wayne surprises all by the direction it gives to his character. Much to everyone’s disbelief, he casts aside all that the viewers loved about his characters and becomes a bigot and a racist, a morally-bankrupt character that is forever sentenced to drift away out of the society. […]

A Few John Wayne Facts

John Wayne in The Searchers

Well, I could just kick start this short list by saying that he was called Marion, a name he obviously didn’t like too much. It just didn’t sound like a name his fans would associate with a rugged, gritty and totally bad-ass persona. Or I could just say that the nickname The Duke was actually […]

The High And The Mighty John Wayne

The High And The Mighty

John Wayne is known for its many westerns and WWII movies, movies which shaped him into a legendary actor known for his grit. But The High and the Mighty isn’t one of this movies – it can be considered one of his (more or less) hidden gems. The plot is quite simple and it resembles […]

The Green Berets and John Wayne

photo credit: Fort Bragg via photopin cc

John Wayne forever remembered as a Great American and patriot helped direct one of the greatest propaganda films in the 1960’s. The Vietnam War reached its pinnacle and John Wayne was gravely concerned over the anti-war mood in the United States. He wanted to produce a film that gave a pro military position. He obtained […]

Duke University Wins Round over Legacy Name

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The battle over the name “Duke” started in 2005 between John Wayne enterprises and Duke University in North Carolina. Since 05, the heirs of John Wayne have tried to trademark the name “Duke” unsuccessfully. The University complained last year over the heirs tried to market the name “Duke” on alcoholic beverages. The University complained the […]

John Wayne Survives Soviet Assassination Team

John Wayne

Marion Mitchell Morrison (aka John Wayne) born May 26, 1907 died June 11, 1979 was a conservative Republican. He helped create the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals in February of 1944. A proactive anti-communist and president of the MPAPAI in 1947 and supporter of the Un-American Activities Committee and became a […]

Who Was The REAL John Wayne?

John Wayne smoked 6 packs of cigarettes a day

Living up to the name John Wayne must have been tough for the man. After all, he was a huge star playing in 169 movies in his lifetime. Many celebrities must have it hard to live up to the persona they have to live up to, to keep their name in good shape. Not only […]

The Different Names of John Wayne and the Reasons Behind Them

John Wayne, the legend, The Duke

This may come to a surprise to some, but not to all of John Wayne fans, that the actual name he was given at birth was….Marion. That’s right! This masculine man was given the name of Marion Robert Morrison on the day he was born which was May 26th, 1907. This little bundle of joy […]

Batjac Production Company


When we think of the different types of hats that John Wayne wore through out his career, most of us will think of actor, a few might remember he did direct two movies. But how many of us have thought of him running his own production company? Well in 1952 that is exactly what he […]