AHS: Asylum “Tricks and Treats”

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Fading in with a scream, this episode begins by picking up where it left of in the beginning of the previous episode.  Newlyweds Leo and Teresa are in the rotting, abandoned asylum in present day, and Leo’s arm has been ripped off by an unseen killer.  His identity is revealed when Teresa attempts to flee, […]

American Horror Story: Asylum Season Premiere

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. Like the season premiere for Season 1, Asylum opens with a teaser in which curious characters explore the haunted property and become victims to the evil manifested by its dark past.  Honeymooners intent on traveling through the most haunted sites in America enter the abandoned and rotting asylum, discussing its history and […]

Friday The 13th: The Classic First Movie

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Whenever the words “Friday the 13th” are spoken, people around the world instantly think of the highly recognizable image of Jason Voorhees. This indiscriminate, machete wielding killing machine is the face of the long-running Friday the 13th series, but a lot of people, including the fictional character of Casey from the movie Scream, tend to […]

The Legacy of Freddy Krueger


The mere mention of the name Freddy Krueger instantly brings to mind how much of an impact the original A Nightmare on Elm Street had on my childhood, along with how much that impact is still felt today. I was eight years old when the first film was released on VHS, and I already had […]

Michael Myers: The Boogeyman

Michael myers the boogeyman

When the character of Laurie Stode asks Dr. Sam Loomis at the end of the first “Halloween” film if the horror she had just faced was the boogeyman, he responds with “As a matter of fact, it was.” The thing that is so terrifyingly effective about the character of Michael Myers in the original film […]