Elvis and his passion for Cadillacs

Elvis and Priscilla

A couple of days ago, one of Elvis’s most prized Cadillac cars was sold to a private collector: the 1967 red Coupe de Ville was sold for about $90,000, this being the car in which the King drove to Graceland after marrying Priscilla. The car is worth all the money: it is in perfect condition […]

Elvis: Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender poster

What is the next step when you have become a renowned musician? Should you settle for what you have achieved, or should you try to make even more, in other artistic fields? These questions were essential for Elvis Presley. So after he conquered rock and roll he set his eyes on something different, on changing […]

Elvis Presley: The Karate King

Elvis Presley

There are quite a few legends circulating around about Elvis Presley, and the most well-known and desired to be true ones are those concerning his death. While these ones are wishful thinking, some of these “rumors” do have a little truth to their core. Just like the rumors concerning the King’s black belt. Elvis was […]

Elvis: The Comeback King


The world has seen many musical artist making comebacks after being on hiatus over a period of time. Some singers take sabbaticals to focus on their families (example, Beyonce), some to cope with personal issues (example, Mariah Carey), and some just to shake things up a little and re-invent themselves (in the cases of Britney […]

Golden Obsession

Elvis impersonators at Sophia's wedding!

Everybody has at least one, maybe even more!  Obsessions!  They can be for fun, for a hobby, out of interest or they can also be not so fun, scary, dangerous and even deadly!  Our favorite girls were no different! One obsession we all know and love about our ladies was their obsession for cheesecake!  I […]

There’s More to The King Than “Jailhouse Rock”


It cannot be denied that Elvis Presley left an indelible mark in music. The King of Rock and Roll was just so revolutionary in the way he contributed to his field. One would have thought that as someone from the South, he would have been a huge country singer. His good looks would have made […]

What Elvis Presley Did When He Got a C in Music


Elvis Presley may be remembered now as a music icon, but did you know that he got a C in music when he was in the eighth grade? At that time, he was attending Humes High School. His high school life was quite difficult because he experienced being bullied. For all the hurtful words or […]

The Mama’s Boy Side of Elvis Presley

Elvis and Gladys 7

For many people, Elvis Presley would be remembered as a music icon and a legend who experienced the ups and downs of the limelight during his lifetime. Aside from being famous though, it was a little surprising, but heart-tugging to learn that this superstar was a mama’s boy. He loved his mother so much, which […]

Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll


Most of the kids today have a hard time understanding exactly why Elvis Presley is considered to be one of the best musicians of all time. That’s not really surprising since most of them woke up to the music of the younger artists today. One look at YouTube videos of Elvis Presley’s past performances, however, […]

Elvis Presley and Graceland


Graceland!  As I think everyone in the world knows, Graceland was the home of the one and only Elvis Presley.  This lovely white mansion is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the Whitehaven Community of Memphis Tennessee. When Elvis first started to be successful he purchased a modest home for his family on Audubon […]